10KVA Generator Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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In a country like Nigeria, dependable electricity is a luxury. Power outages are not just inconveniences; they’re a regular part of life. Imagine settling in to watch your favorite TV show or cheering on your beloved football team, only for the screen to go blank due to a sudden blackout. This frustrating reality has led many Nigerians to rely on generators as a necessity rather than a luxury.

Why Generators Matter:

Generators serve as reliable alternatives during power shortages. Despite the emergence of inverters, generators remain indispensable for homes and businesses. They offer convenience, mobility, and are ideal for outdoor activities like camping or parties.

The Need for 10KVA Generators:

Among the array of generators available, the 10KVA stands out for its robust power capacity. With Nigeria’s erratic power supply, the demand for these heavy-duty generators has surged. They’re considered sufficient to power various electrical appliances and maintain essential services during outages.

Price Check:

For those considering investing in a 10KVA generator, pricing is a crucial factor. Brands like Elepaq and Firman offer reliable options. Elepaq generators, known for their efficiency and fuel economy, start from around N590,000. Meanwhile, Firman’s soundproof models, recognized for quality and affordability, start at approximately N850,000.

What to Consider Before Buying:

Before purchasing a 10KVA generator, there are key factors to ponder:

  1. Ease of Use: Opt for generators with user-friendly features like key ignition for effortless starting.
  2. Fuel Tank Capacity and Economy: Consider generators with larger fuel tanks for extended runtime, and inquire about their fuel efficiency to save on costs.
  3. Noise Level: Choose a generator with a tolerable noise level to avoid disturbance.


In a country where power outages are the norm, owning a generator is more than just a convenience—it’s a lifeline. 10KVA generators, with their robust power capacity, offer a reliable solution to Nigeria’s electricity woes. By considering factors like ease of use, fuel economy, and noise levels, individuals and businesses can invest wisely in uninterrupted power supply.


Q: Are generators essential in Nigeria? A: Absolutely. Given the unreliable power supply, generators are a necessity for homes and businesses alike.

Q: Why choose a 10KVA generator? A: 10KVA generators provide ample power capacity to support various appliances and essential services during outages.

Q: What should I consider before purchasing a generator? A: Factors such as ease of use, fuel economy, and noise levels are crucial considerations before investing in a generator.

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