18 Karat Gold Price in Nigeria (2024)

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Gold holds a special place in the world’s economy, maintaining its value consistently over time. Among the various types of gold, 18 karat gold stands out as a popular choice, especially in the realm of jewelry. But what exactly does 18 karat gold mean, and how does its pricing work in Nigeria? Let’s delve into the basics and explore the current market trends.

Understanding 18 Karat Gold:

When we talk about gold purity, we often refer to it in terms of karats. In simple terms, 18 karat gold means that out of 24 parts, 18 parts are pure gold, while the remaining 6 parts consist of other metals. This translates to roughly 75% gold content in the piece, offering a good balance between purity and durability.

Current Market Prices in Nigeria:

As with any commodity, the price of 18 karat gold fluctuates based on various factors, including currency exchange rates. Here’s a snapshot of the current market prices in Nigeria:

  • 1 Gram: N18,000 – N18,200
  • 10 Grams: N180,000 – N182,000
  • 1 Kilo: N18 million – N18.3 Million
  • Tola (11.66 Grams): N210,000 – N212,000
  • Tola (12.5 Grams): N225,000 – N227,000
  • Tael (37.5 Grams): N678,000 – N680,000
  • Tael (37.8 Grams): N683,000 – N685,000
  • Grain: N1,160 – N1,200
  • Baht: N265,000 – N267,000
  • Ratti: N3,280 – N3,300

Please note that these prices are subject to change due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates.

Identifying 18 Karat Gold:

Recognizing 18 karat gold jewelry is relatively straightforward. Most pieces will be stamped with the karat number, such as “18K” or “18 Karat.” Alternatively, they may be labeled with percentages, like “0.75,” indicating 75% gold content. This makes it easier for buyers to ensure they’re getting the quality they desire.

When to Buy 18 Karat Gold:

If you’re in the market for jewelry that balances purity and durability, 18 karat gold is an excellent choice. Its high gold content makes it valuable and long-lasting, making it a worthwhile investment. Additionally, for individuals with sensitive skin, 18 karat gold is a safer option compared to lower karatages that may contain allergenic metals like nickel.

For everyday wear, consider pieces with lower gold content, such as 10 or 14 karat gold, as they are more resistant to scratches. However, for special occasions or less frequently worn jewelry, 18 karat gold offers both elegance and longevity.


Investing in 18 karat gold, whether in the form of jewelry or bullion, can be a smart financial move. Its steady value and durability make it an attractive option for buyers in Nigeria and beyond. By understanding its pricing and characteristics, you can make informed decisions when purchasing gold products.


  1. What does 18 karat gold mean?

    • 18 karat gold contains 75% pure gold and 25% other metals, making it a popular choice for jewelry due to its balance of purity and durability.
  2. How do I identify 18 karat gold?

    • Look for stamps indicating “18K” or “18 Karat” on the piece, or check for percentage labels like “0.75,” which signifies 75% gold content.
  3. When should I buy 18 karat gold?

    • Consider buying 18 karat gold for its value and durability, especially for special occasions or jewelry that won’t be worn daily. For everyday wear, lower karatages like 10 or 14 karat gold may be more suitable.
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