2.5 mm Cutix Cable Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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Electrical cables play a vital role in transmitting electricity from one point to another. They are essential for connecting electrical appliances, equipment, and devices to mains power, facilitating the completion of electrical projects in various settings like residential, business, corporate, and religious buildings.

In Nigeria, the establishment and growth of several electrical cable companies have led to the country being recognized for manufacturing some of the best cables globally. One such company leading this revolution is Cutix Plc.

Cost of 2.5 mm Cutix Cables in Nigeria

Different sizes of electrical cables are available to meet specific purposes. Cutix Plc manufactures various cable sizes, including 2.5 mm cables. Here are the current prices of 2.5 mm Cutix cables in Nigeria:

  • Cutix 2.5 mm Single Core Copper Wire: Starting from N18,500

Prices for other sizes of Cutix cables include:

  • Cutix 16 mm Single Core Copper Wire: Starting from N122,000
  • Cutix 6 mm Single Core Copper Wire: Starting from N44,000
  • Cutix 1.5 mm Single Core Copper Wire: Starting from N14,700
  • Cutix 1 mm Single Core Copper Wire: Starting from N6,600

Note that prices may vary slightly depending on the seller, location, government policies, production costs, and raw material availability. You can purchase Cutix cables directly from the company, its distributors across the country, or through online marketplaces.

About Cutix Plc

Cutix Plc was established by Dr. Ajulu Uzodike in 1982 to manufacture electric wires and cables. Initially a private limited company, it went public in 1987. Since then, Cutix Plc has expanded its operations, establishing production plants across Nigeria and engaging distributors nationwide and beyond.

Core Values of Cutix Plc:

  • Boldness
  • Innovation
  • Openness
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Proactiveness

Products from Cutix Plc

The company offers a wide range of products, categorized into:

  1. House wiring cables
  2. Flexible automotive cables
  3. Aluminium service cables

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the different types of house wiring cables Cutix Plc offers?

    • Cutix provides single solid cables, multi-core cables (T/E & FT), and multi-core flex cables.
  2. What types of flexible automotive cables does Cutix Plc offer?

    • Cutix manufactures ignition cables and automotive wire & cable 1,000/15,000v.
  3. What are the options available in the aluminium service cables category from Cutix Plc?

    • Cutix offers AAC, aluminum drop wire, and 4-core twist cable options.


Cutix Plc stands as a prominent player in the electrical cable manufacturing industry in Nigeria. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has positioned them as a reliable choice for various electrical projects across the country.

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