60 KVA Generators & Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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Nigeria’s struggle with power supply is no secret, and its impact on businesses is profound. Many have faced closures due to unreliable electricity. If you’re grappling with massive power needs, finding a reliable solution is paramount. One option gaining traction is investing in a hefty 60 KVA generator. But before you balk at the perceived costs, let’s delve into the market realities and demystify the process.

Unlocking the Market:

You might assume that 60 KVA generators come with exorbitant price tags, but a closer look at the market reveals otherwise. Below, we’ve compiled a list of popular 60 KVA generators available in Nigeria and their respective prices, so you can navigate your options with confidence:

  1. Denyo Generator 60 KVA (Brand new): Starting from N14 million.
  2. Perkins 60kva Soundproof Diesel Generator (Brand new): Starting from N5 million.
  3. 60 KVA GEP65 Mantrac CAT Diesel Generator (Brand new): Starting from N7 million.
  4. FG Wilson 60 KVA Generator (Brand new): Starting from N9.2 million.
  5. CW Power Generator 60 kVA soundproofed (Brand new): Starting from N7 million.

For those on a budget, fairly-used options ranging from N2.3 million to N3 million are available, often found on platforms like Jiji.ng or through local sellers and mechanics.

Understanding Specifications:

Knowing the price is only half the battle. Understanding the specifications is crucial for making an informed decision. Let’s break down the key specifications of the aforementioned generators:

  • Denyo Generator 60 KVA: Powered by a Hino W04D-TG engine, with a tank capacity of 125L, and a weight of 1,240kg.
  • Perkins 60kva Soundproof Diesel Generator: Equipped with a Perkins engine, offering 65 amps alternator rating, and a fuel flow of 63L/h.
  • 60 KVA GEP65 Mantrac CAT Diesel Generator: Features a 400V voltage, 50Hz frequency, and stands at 1925mm in height.
  • CW Power Generator 60 KVA soundproofed: Boasts a Deutz BF4M2011C engine, with a noise pressure level of 62 dB(A) at 7 meters.


Investing in a 60 KVA generator could be the lifeline your business needs amidst Nigeria’s power challenges. While prices may seem daunting, understanding the market and specifications can empower you to make the right choice for your needs and budget.


Q: Are used generators reliable? A: Fairly-used generators can be reliable, but it’s essential to inspect them thoroughly or buy from reputable sources to avoid potential issues.

Q: What factors should I consider before purchasing? A: Consider your power requirements, budget, brand reputation, warranty, and after-sales support when making a decision.

Q: Can I run all my appliances on a 60 KVA generator? A: Depending on the total power consumption of your appliances, a 60 KVA generator should be able to handle a significant load, but it’s wise to consult with a professional to ensure compatibility.

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