Best Relaxer for Virgin Hair in Nigeria (March 2024)

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Caring for virgin hair in Nigeria can be challenging, but using the right relaxer can make styling easier. With various products available, it’s essential to find the best one suited for virgin hair. In this guide, we’ll explore the top relaxers in Nigeria, making it simpler for you to choose.

Top Relaxers for Virgin Hair in Nigeria:

Ozone Conditioning Crème Relaxer: Ozone’s No-Lye relaxer is formulated to international standards, promoting hair growth and health. Easy to apply at home, it’s a popular choice for those seeking softer, more manageable hair.

Motions Silken Shine Relaxer:

Containing coconut oil, this relaxer nourishes hair while providing a smooth, straight finish. Its cationic formula helps protect virgin hair, keeping it moisturized and healthy.

Linange Relaxer:

Ideal for stubborn hair, Linange Relaxer washes, straightens, and softens virgin hair without altering its color. With clear instructions, it’s suitable for home use, making styling hassle-free.

Originals Relaxer:

Enriched with olive oil, Originals is known for its hydrating and moisturizing properties. It repairs damaged hair, leaving it straight, soft, and shiny, making it a top choice for virgin hair care.

Argan Oil Relaxer:

Packed with argan oil, this relaxer prevents hair loss and provides essential nutrients for nourishment. Available in regular and super strength variants, it’s perfect for various hair types, including stubborn virgin hair.

Other Top Relaxers for Virgin Hair in Nigeria:

  • Mega Growth Relaxer
  • TCB Relaxer
  • Crème of Nature Advanced Straightening Relaxer
  • Soft Sheen Carson Optimum Care Salon Relaxer
  • Phyto Specific Beauty Phyto Relaxer
  • Mizani Butter Blend Relaxer
  • ElastaQP Conditioning Crème Relaxer
  • Dark and Lovely Healthy Gloss Relaxer
  • Miracle’s Renewal Relaxer
  • Hot Drip Relaxer


Choosing the right relaxer for virgin hair in Nigeria is essential for maintaining healthy, manageable locks. Consider factors such as ingredients, hair type, and desired results when selecting a product. With the options listed above, you can find the perfect relaxer to enhance your virgin hair care routine.


 Can I apply these relaxers at home?

Yes, many of these relaxers come with clear instructions for home use, making the process convenient.

Will these relaxers damage my virgin hair?

When used correctly, these relaxers are formulated to nourish and protect virgin hair, minimizing damage.

How often should I use a relaxer on my virgin hair?

It’s recommended to follow the instructions provided with the relaxer regarding application frequency to maintain hair health.


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