CCTV Installation Training Cost in Nigeria (2024)

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If you’re considering CCTV installation training in Nigeria, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ll discuss the key details of the training and its costs in various cities across the country.

Understanding CCTV Installation Training Costs:

The cost of CCTV installation training varies and depends on several factors. One crucial factor is the organization providing the training. Larger organizations tend to charge more. Additionally, some training programs offer certifications upon completion, while others do not.

CCTV Installation Training in Lagos:

Lagos, being one of Nigeria’s most populated cities, hosts numerous training agencies. The cost of training here typically starts from around N25,000. Factors influencing the cost include the duration of the training and the scope covered. Longer training periods and comprehensive content usually result in higher charges.

CCTV Installation Training in Abuja:

Abuja, another significant market for CCTV installation training, offers training programs starting from approximately N40,000. Many agencies in Abuja provide certificates upon completion, often after assessing the candidates’ proficiency through mock examinations or practical exercises.

CCTV Installation Training in Port-Harcourt:

Port-Harcourt experiences increasing demand for surveillance cameras and installation services. Training here is relatively less expensive compared to Lagos and Abuja, with costs starting at around N20,000. While most training agencies are locally based, some are affiliated with larger organizations, ensuring quality instruction.

CCTV Installation Training in Other Parts of Nigeria:

CCTV training is available in various cities across Nigeria, including Enugu, Benin City, Akure, Kaduna, Jos, and Kano. Training costs in these areas are generally lower, starting at approximately N20,000. Factors such as duration, organization, and training mode influence the overall cost.


Investing in CCTV installation training can open lucrative opportunities in Nigeria’s growing surveillance industry. While costs vary depending on location and training provider, acquiring the necessary skills is essential for success in this field.


  1. What factors influence CCTV installation training costs?

    • Training organization, duration, and scope of content are primary factors affecting costs.
  2. Do all training programs offer certifications?

    • No, certification availability varies among training providers.
  3. Are online training options available?

    • While some organizations offer online classes, practical sections are typically conducted in-person to enhance technical skills.
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