Cost of Kerbs in Nigeria (2024)

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Kerbs, also known as kerb stones, are essential in keeping drivers on the road and demarcating spaces. They’re also handy for creating neat boundaries in parks and pavements. In Nigeria, kerbs come in various types and sizes, each serving different purposes. Let’s delve into the world of kerbs, exploring their costs, types, and uses.

Cost of Kerbs in Nigeria:

Kerbs vary in price depending on their size, material, and location. Here’s a general overview of kerb prices in Nigeria:

  • Kerb stone (500 x 280 x 90): N1,000 – N1,200 per unit
  • Kerb stone (500 x 300 x 100): N1,100 – N1,500 per unit
  • Kerb stone (500 x 350 x 120): N1,600 – N1,800 per unit
  • Concrete kerb stones: N400 – N600
  • Buffalocrete kerbs: N750 – N900
  • Flower kerbs: N500 – N700

These prices may vary due to factors like the vendor, location, and market conditions.

Types of Kerbs and Their Uses:

  1. Mountable Kerbs: These low kerbs allow vehicles to easily climb over them and are used in channelization schemes and medians.
  2. Semi-barrier Kerbs: Standing about 15 centimeters above the pavement edge, they’re used to control both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  3. Submerged Kerbs: Ideal for rural roads, they provide stability and protect pavement edges.
  4. Extruded Kerbs: Commonly used on highways, they line the road edges to prevent vehicles from veering off.
  5. Natural Stone Kerbs: Though costly, they offer durability and are suitable for roads prone to weather damage.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Kerbs:

  1. Purpose: Determine the intended use of the kerbs to select the appropriate type.
  2. Style: Choose kerbs that complement the surrounding area aesthetically.
  3. Budget: Consider your budget and opt for kerbs that offer the best value within your financial constraints.


Kerbs play a crucial role in delineating spaces, controlling traffic, and enhancing the aesthetics of outdoor areas. Understanding the types, uses, and costs of kerbs is essential for making informed decisions when investing in them.


Can kerbs be used to prevent vehicles from climbing over pavements?

Yes, kerbs serve as barriers to restrict drivers from climbing over pavements, ensuring pedestrian safety.

What factors influence the price of kerbs in Nigeria?

Kerb prices can vary based on factors such as material, size, vendor, location, and prevailing market conditions.

Are there kerb options suitable for rural roads?

Yes, submerged kerbs are ideal for rural roads as they provide stability and protect pavement edges.

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