Cost of Mining License in Nigeria (2024)

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The mining industry in Nigeria stands as one of the most promising sectors, drawing significant investments due to the country’s abundant mineral resources. However, diving into this lucrative field requires adherence to strict regulations set forth by the Federal Government, including obtaining a mining license.

Cost of Mining License in Nigeria

Acquiring a mining license in Nigeria involves various classes of licenses, each tailored to specific activities within the mining sector. While the official cost for a Possess or Purchase License is N30,000, the overall expenses can vary significantly depending on additional services provided by consultants. These extra charges encompass processing fees, consultancy fees, and related expenses, subject to negotiation with the consultant.

Requirements for Mining License in Nigeria

Before initiating the application process for a mining license in Nigeria, certain prerequisites must be met:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation of the Company: Applicants must possess the company’s Certificate of Incorporation along with other relevant incorporation documents.
  2. Application Letter: A formal letter detailing the desired involvement in the mining sector and the specific minerals of interest is required.
  3. Evidence of Technically Competent Personnel: Applicants must identify and present evidence of technically competent experts, such as Geologists accredited by COMEG, who will be involved in the mining operations.
  4. Tax Clearance Certificate: Submission of the company’s tax clearance certificate serves as evidence of tax compliance.
  5. Attestation of Non-Conviction: Legal practitioners are needed to provide attestation of non-conviction for criminal offenses.
  6. Banker’s Reference Letter: A stamped reference letter from the company’s banker is necessary to support the application.
  7. Payment: Once the application process commences, specific fees determined by the consultant assisting with the process must be paid.


Navigating the process of obtaining a mining license in Nigeria demands careful attention to detail and adherence to regulatory requirements. While the initial cost of the license is fixed, additional expenses may vary based on consultancy services and processing fees. By ensuring compliance with all prerequisites and engaging qualified experts, businesses and individuals can unlock the vast potential of Nigeria’s mining industry.


1.How much does a mining license cost in Nigeria?

The official cost for a Possess or Purchase License is N30,000, but additional charges for consultancy and processing fees apply, subject to negotiation with consultants.

2.What documents are required for a mining license application?

Essential documents include the Certificate of Incorporation, application letter, evidence of technically competent personnel, tax clearance certificate, attestation of non-conviction, banker’s reference letter, and payment receipts.

3.Why is the mining industry in Nigeria highly regulated?

Regulation ensures compliance with safety standards, environmental protection, and fair resource exploitation, safeguarding both investors and the nation’s interests

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