Cost of Painting a House or Room in Nigeria (2024)

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Painting your home is more than just adding color to walls; it’s about personalizing your space and enhancing its beauty. Whether you’re building a new house or moving into a rented apartment, painting allows you to express your creativity and style. In Nigeria, understanding the costs associated with painting is essential for planning and budgeting effectively. In this guide, we’ll delve into the various aspects of painting costs in Nigeria, from painting a room to a duplex, along with essential factors to consider.

Cost of Painting a Room in Nigeria:

The cost of painting a room in Nigeria depends on factors like room size and paint quality. Typically, painting a standard-size room (12ft x 12ft) starts at around N25,000. Emulsion paint is the most affordable option, while gloss, satin, or stucco paints come at a higher price.

Cost of Painting a House in Nigeria:

Painting a house’s cost varies based on factors such as house size, paint quality, and painter’s experience. For a 3-bedroom house, budget at least N300,000 for basic paint. Opting for high-grade paint or larger rooms will increase the cost accordingly.

Cost of Painting a Duplex in Nigeria:

Duplexes demand meticulous painting to enhance their grandeur. Budget around N1,000,000 for painting a duplex, with costs possibly lower if compromising on paint quality for certain areas.

Cost of Painting per Square Meter in Nigeria:

Painting costs per square meter vary based on paint type and application complexity. Emulsion paints are cheaper, while satin or gloss paints cost more. For accurate quotes, consult experienced painters to discuss preferences and aims.

Painting a House in Nigeria: Quantity Estimation:

Estimating paint quantity is crucial for budgeting. For instance, painting a 3-bedroom flat may require 16 to 20 buckets of paint, considering various areas like exterior walls, living room, rooms, passage, and ceilings.

Factors That Determine The Cost of Painting in Nigeria:

Several factors influence painting costs, including paint quantity and quality, complexity of design, need for extra accessories, painter’s experience, and location.


Painting is a transformative process that adds personality and charm to any space. Understanding the costs involved ensures proper planning and execution. Whether it’s a room, house, or duplex, knowing the factors affecting painting costs in Nigeria empowers homeowners to make informed decisions and achieve their desired aesthetic.


How do I find a reliable painter in Nigeria?

Look for experienced painters with positive reviews and seek recommendations from friends or family.

Can I reduce painting costs without compromising quality?

Yes, by opting for cost-effective paint options and discussing budget-friendly alternatives with your painter.

What factors should I consider when choosing paint?

Consider factors like durability, color options, and suitability for the intended space.

Is it essential to hire a professional painter?

While DIY painting is an option, professional painters ensure quality workmanship and save time and effort in the long run


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