Cost of Trademark Registration in Nigeria (2024)

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In today’s bustling business landscape, securing your brand’s identity has become more vital than ever. Trademark registration is a cornerstone in this process, ensuring legal protection for your company’s logo, slogan, or name. However, navigating the trademark registration process in Nigeria can seem daunting. In this guide, we break down the process in simple terms, shedding light on costs, steps, and crucial considerations.

How Much Does Trademark Registration Cost in Nigeria?

Estimating the cost of trademark registration in Nigeria can be challenging due to various factors. The primary expenses include legal fees and filing fees. On average, expect to spend around N100,000, but costs may vary based on the agency or lawyer you engage. Additionally, whether the trademark is owned locally or internationally can influence expenses. To get an accurate estimate, consulting a trademark accreditation agent or lawyer is recommended.

Understanding the Trademark Registration Process

Trademark registration involves several stages, each crucial for securing legal protection for your brand.

The Search Process:

This initiates the trademark registration journey. After submitting your trademark, a search is conducted to check for conflicts with existing trademarks. If no conflicts arise, the Registrar issues an acknowledgment, signaling the beginning of the registration process.

The Acceptance Stage:

Once the application is submitted, it undergoes review. Upon approval, the Registry registers the trademark and issues an Acceptance Letter to the applicant, confirming successful registration.

Publications and Certification Stage:

In this final stage, the trademark is published in the Trademark Journal, allowing for potential opposition. If no opposition arises or conflicts are resolved, the Registrar issues a certificate, finalizing the registration process.


Trademark registration in Nigeria is a vital step in protecting your brand’s identity. By understanding the process and associated costs, you can navigate the journey with confidence. Consulting legal experts and staying informed about trademark laws ensures a smooth registration experience, safeguarding your brand for years to come.


  1. How much does trademark registration cost in Nigeria?

    • On average, expect to spend around N100,000, but costs may vary based on factors like legal fees and the trademark’s ownership status.
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