Cost of Traveling to The USA from Nigeria (2024)

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Are you planning a trip to the United States from Nigeria? Knowing the expenses involved is crucial for a smooth travel experience. This guide will walk you through the costs of flights and visas, along with steps to apply for a USA visa in Nigeria.

Flights to the USA from Nigeria

When considering a trip to the USA, flight costs play a significant role. Here’s an overview of flight prices from Nigeria to the USA with various airlines:

  1. Royal Air Maroc:
    • Economy ticket: N550,000 – N700,000
    • Business class: N800,000 – N1 million
  2. Qatar Airways:
    • Economy ticket: N700,000 – N880,000
    • Business class: N1 million – N1.38 million
  3. Ethiopian Airlines:
    • Economy ticket: N1 million – N1.2 million
  4. KLM:
    • Economy ticket: N900,000 – N1.1 million
    • Business class: N1 million – N1.5 million
  5. Air France:
    • Economy ticket: N800,000 – N1.1 million
    • Business class: N1.3 million – N1.75 million
  6. British Airways:
    • Economy ticket: N900,000 – N1 million
    • Business class: N800,000 – N2 million
  7. Delta Air Lines:
    • Economy ticket: N500,000 – N700,000
    • Business class: N1 million – N2 million

Types and Costs of USA Visas in Nigeria

For travel to the USA from Nigeria, obtaining a visa is essential. Here are the various visa types and their associated fees:

  • Business/Tourist: $160 (NGN 72,000)
  • Student (academic): $160 (NGN 72,000)
  • Temporary/Seasonal Workers: $190 (NGN 85,500)
  • Fiancé(e) or Spouse of U.S. Citizen: $265 (NGN 119,250)
  • Treaty Trader/Investor: $205 (NGN 92,250)


What additional fees might I encounter when applying for a USA visa in Nigeria?

Additional fees include SEVIS fees for certain visa types and the Blanket L Fee for L-1 visa applicants.

How can I apply for a USA visa in Nigeria?

Follow these steps: determine visa type, pay the visa fee, complete DS-160 form, schedule interview, attend interview.


Understanding the costs associated with traveling to the USA from Nigeria is crucial for planning your trip effectively. By considering flight prices and visa fees, you can budget accordingly and ensure a smooth travel experience. Remember to follow the visa application process diligently to increase your chances of approval. Safe travels!

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