Echolac Luggage Price List (2024)

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Echolac, a renowned brand in the travel industry, crafts top-notch travel boxes, bags, and accessories. It’s fascinating how many people here refer to all travel boxes as Echolac. With decades of experience, Echolac continues to deliver high-quality products, constantly innovating to meet customer satisfaction.

Echolac Cabin Luggage Prices:

Ideal for short trips, Echolac’s cabin luggage is lightweight, elegant, and easy to maneuver. Here are some options and their prices:

  • Echolac Celestra Suitcase, Small 55 cm, Black: Starting from N88,000
  • Echolac Dynasty Suitcase, Small 55 cm, Ivory White: Starting from N93,000
  • Echolac Cielo Suitcase, Small 55 cm, Blue: Starting from N64,000

Echolac Luggage Sets Prices:

Luggage sets offer matching suitcases of the same design, ideal for storage and cost-effectiveness. Check out some options and prices:

  • Echolac Celestra 3-piece Suitcase Set, Dark Grey: Starting from N245,000
  • Echolac Fusion 3-piece Suitcase Set, Orange: Starting from N140,000

Echolac Travel Accessories Prices:

Echolac’s travel accessories, branded as “Xroads,” ensure comfortable trips. Here are a few accessories and their prices:

  • Xroads ErgoFlex, 3-in-1 Travel Pillow, Grey: Starting from N15,800
  • Xroads Luggage Strap with TSA-Lock, Black: Starting from N14,400
  • Xroads Ultralight Foldable Backpack, Grey: Starting from N18,700


Echolac offers a wide range of luggage options and travel accessories to suit every traveler’s needs. With its commitment to quality and innovation, Echolac remains a trusted choice for travelers worldwide.


1.Why choose Echolac?

Echolac ensures quality, durability, and style in all its products, making your travel experience more enjoyable.

2.Are Echolac products expensive?

While Echolac products may seem pricier, they offer long-term value due to their quality and durability.

3.Can I find Echolac products outside Nigeria?

Yes, Echolac products are available in various countries, ensuring travelers worldwide can enjoy their benefits.

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