Farm City Lekki Price List (2024)

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If you love good food and a great atmosphere, then Farm City Restaurant Lekki is the place for you. With a stunning view of the sea and an inviting ambience, dining here enhances your culinary experience.

Price List

At Farm City Lekki, you’ll find a diverse menu with prices to suit every budget:

  • Mixed Menu: Includes dishes like Ogbono Soup (N6,300), Jollof Rice (N1,100), and Special Quatro Pizza (N4,500).
  • Breakfast Menu: Options such as Egg Sauce and Boiled Yam (N4,200) and English Breakfast (N7,500) are available.
  • Starter Menu: Buffalo Wings (N3,300), Peppered Croaker Fish (N4,500), and more.
  • Naija Village Kitchen Menu: Offers traditional Nigerian dishes like Afang Soup (N8,400) and Moi Moi (N900).
  • Soups Menu: Includes Cow Leg and Cow Tail Pepper Soup (N4,500), Full Croaker Fish Pepper Soup (N10,200), and others.
  • Grills Menu: Features Grilled Catfish with Sauteed Irish Potatoes (N10,300), BBQ Chicken and chips (N4,300), among others.
  • Continental Dishes: Carbonara Pasta (N4,500), Mexican Pizza (N8,000), and more.
  • Salads Menu: Ceaser Salad (N2,900), Farm City Special Salad (N6,400), and others.
  • Sandwiches/Burgers Menu: Offers Beef Burger and Chips (N3,700) and more.
  • Extras Menu: Includes options like Asun (N7,000), Boiled Plantain (N1,400), and Chinese Rice (N2,200).

More About Farm City

Farm City isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a relaxation center with a pleasant ambiance, perfect for gatherings with friends and family. The staff, with their years of experience, ensure top-notch service. Farm City aims to deliver high-quality dining experiences at affordable prices, making it a top hospitality provider in Nigeria.

Why You Should Eat Out

  1. Try Something New: Restaurants like Farm City offer diverse menus, allowing you to explore new flavors.
  2. Romantic Dates: Dining out can be a romantic experience, perfect for spending quality time with your loved ones.
  3. Saves Time: For busy individuals, eating out saves time and offers a variety of meal options without the hassle of cooking.


Farm City Restaurant Lekki provides not only delicious meals but also a memorable dining experience with its serene ambiance and excellent service. Whether you’re craving traditional Nigerian dishes or continental delights, Farm City has something for everyone.


How can I make a reservation at Farm City?

You can make a reservation by calling the provided phone numbers or emailing them. Alternatively, you can use their online reservation system for convenience.

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