Freezer Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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Freezers have become an essential part of modern living, almost as crucial as a dishwasher or washing machine. They’re not just for storing ice cream anymore; they can save you time and money while preventing food wastage, especially for those with busy lifestyles or unreliable electricity like in Nigeria.

Types of Freezers:

Freezers come in various types and sizes, but the two main categories are chest freezers and upright freezers. Chest freezers, where you lift the door upward, are more common in Nigeria. They vary in capacity, design, and features, including automatic locks and regulators, catering to different needs.

Popular Brands and Prices in Nigeria:

Here’s a breakdown of some popular freezer brands and their prices in Nigeria:

LG Freezers:

  • LG Chest Freezer FRZ 415 Sil- 345Litres: N425,000
  • LG 250 Litres Chest Freezer (LGFRZ25K): N359,900
  • LG STANDING FREEZER FRZ 414K – 355LTRS: N650,000
  • And more.

Skyrun Freezers:

  • Skyrun 99 Litres Chest Freezer (BD-100MW): N115,990
  • Skyrun 200 Litres Chest Freezer (BD-200A): N162,990
  • Skyrun 185 Litres Upright Freezer (BDL-185H): N309,990
  • And more.

Nexus Freezers:

  • Nexus Chest Freezer 100 Litres: N70,000 – N100,000
  • Nexus Chest Freezer 600 Litres: N300,000 – N350,000
  • 6 Drawer Standing Freezer: N189,000 – N200,000
  • And more.

Haier Thermocool Freezers:

  • Haier Thermocool 146 Litres Chest Freezer (HTF-150): N168,050
  • Haier Thermocool 180 Liters Upright Freezer HF-180BS R6: N314,800
  • Haier Thermocool Inverter Turbo Chest Freezer HTF-219TS: N350,500
  • And more.

Panasonic Freezers:

  • Panasonic Chest Freezer 100 Litres: From N120,000
  • Panasonic Chest Freezer 300 Litres: From N160,000
  • And more.

Scanfrost Freezers:

  • Scanfrost 93L Chest Freezer (SFL100) ECO: N135,160
  • Scanfrost Chest Freezer SFL300ECO: N296,250
  • Scanfrost FREEZER SFL 380liters: N250,800
  • And more.

Polystar Freezers:

  • Polystar Chest/Deep-Freezer – 322L: N187,500
  • Polystar 725 Litres Chest Freezer (PVCF-DG): N520,000
  • Polystar 167Litre 6 Steps Upright Freezer: N320,000
  • And more.

Snowsea Freezers:

  • Snowsea Chest Freezer BD-370 (370litres): N191,500
  • Snowsea CHEST FREEZER-BD-600- GREY, DOUBLE DOOR: N313,800
  • Snowsea CHEST FREEZER 2023 NEW EDITION -BD158: N120,950
  • And more.

Midea Freezers:

  • Midea Chest Freezer HS-256CN: N206,000
  • Midea Jazz Black 173L: N290,000
  • Midea Chest Freezer HS 129: N142,000
  • And more.

Hisense Freezers:

  • Hisense 142 Litres Chest Freezer (FC-180SH): N139,900
  • Hisense 297 Litres Chest Freezer (FC390SH): N216,900
  • Hisense 95 Litres Chest Freezer (FRZ FC 120SH): N134,000
  • And more.

Bruhm Freezers:

  • Bruhm 200 Litres Chest Freezer (BCS-200MG): N153,360
  • Bruhm Chest Freezer – Bcs-100 Mg – Silver – 100L: N131,000
  • Bruhm CHEST FREEZER BCS-100MG SILVER, 92LTRS: N134,500
  • And more.


Freezers have become indispensable appliances in Nigerian homes, offering convenience and preventing food wastage. With various brands and models available, there’s a freezer to fit every budget and need.


  1. What size freezer should I buy?

    • Consider your household size and storage needs. Larger families may require bigger freezers, while smaller households can opt for compact sizes.
  2. Are chest freezers better than upright freezers?

    • It depends on your preferences and available space. Chest freezers typically offer more storage capacity and are more energy-efficient, while upright freezers are easier to organize and access.
  3. How do I maintain my freezer?

    • Keep it clean, defrost regularly if needed, and avoid overfilling to ensure proper airflow. Also, check the temperature settings periodically.
  4. Can I buy a freezer online?

    • Yes, many e-commerce websites offer a wide selection of freezers with convenient delivery options.
  5. What features should I look for in a freezer?

    • Consider energy efficiency, storage capacity, defrosting mechanism, and additional features like fast freezing or automatic temperature control. Choose based on your specific needs and budget.
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