Hotels in Abuja and Prices List (2024)

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Abuja, Nigeria’s esteemed “Seat of Power” and Federal Capital Territory, boasts a bustling scene with headquarters of numerous companies and a constant influx of visitors. With such a dynamic environment, the demand for accommodation, particularly hotels, is ever on the rise. But how much does it cost to stay in Abuja’s hotels? Let’s delve into this intriguing question.

Hotel Prices in Abuja: A Sneak Peek

Abuja is home to a plethora of hotels, around 300 to be precise. Trying to navigate through all of them to determine prices would be a daunting task. So, we’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list featuring some of the top hotels in Abuja along with their prices:

  1. Transcorp Hilton Abuja: Starting from N181,987 per night
  2. Tranquil Mews Hotel: Starting from N28,000 per night
  3. Nordic Hotel: Starting from N105,000 per night
  4. Hotel Reno: Starting from N35,000 per night
  5. Peace Media Hotels: Starting from N19,493 per night
  6. The Edge by Wellness: Starting from N14,997 per night
  7. Presken Hotels: Starting from N20,000 per night
  8. Sinclair Guest House: Starting from N25,500 per night
  9. Sheraton Abuja Hotel: Starting from N179,000 per night
  10. Sheer Luxury Apartments and Suites: Starting from N30,000 per night
  11. Garki Hotels: Starting from N9,600 per night
  12. Bolingo Hotel Towers: Starting from N28,000 per night
  13. Grand Pela Hotels and Suites: Starting from N70,000 per night
  14. Stonehedge Hotel: Starting from N44,500 per night
  15. Pennsylvania Avenue Hotel: Starting from N30,000 per night

Exploring Abuja’s Finest Hotels

Let’s take a closer look at some of Abuja’s top hotels:

  1. Transcorp Hilton Abuja: Renowned for its luxury and impeccable service, Transcorp Hilton offers a range of amenities including pools, free Wi-Fi, and onsite dining.
  2. Sheraton Abuja Hotel: Strategically located to cater to both leisure and business travelers, Sheraton Abuja boasts comfortable rooms, recreational facilities, and dining options.
  3. Sheer Luxury Apartments & Suites: Offering a unique hotel experience, Sheer Luxury Apartments provide guests with an outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, and international cuisine.
  4. Bolingo Hotel Towers: Situated close to key landmarks, Bolingo Hotel Towers features well-furnished rooms, a spa, fitness center, and complimentary breakfast.


Abuja’s hotel scene caters to a diverse range of travelers, from luxury seekers to budget-conscious individuals. With a plethora of options available, visitors can find accommodation that suits their preferences and budget.


  1. Are these hotel prices inclusive of taxes? Prices mentioned are usually exclusive of taxes and additional charges. It’s advisable to confirm with the hotel directly.
  2. Do these hotels offer airport shuttle services? Many hotels in Abuja provide airport shuttle services for the convenience of their guests. Be sure to inquire about this when making a reservation.
  3. Are there any discounts available for long-term stays? Some hotels may offer discounts for extended stays. It’s recommended to check with the hotel’s management for any available promotions or packages.
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