Hotels in Festac Town and Prices List (2024)

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Are you planning a trip to Festac Town in Lagos State, Nigeria? Wondering where to stay and what amenities to expect? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about hotels in Festac Town, from prices to popular amenities. Let’s dive in!

Hotels in Festac Town: Prices List

Festac Town boasts over 20 hotels, each offering its unique charm and accommodation options. To help you plan your stay, here’s a list of popular hotels in Festac Town along with their starting prices per night:

  1. Flamingo Hotels and Suites: From N8,000
  2. Newton Hotel: From N8,500
  3. House 9 Hotel and Suites: From N7,000
  4. Golden King (GKA) Festac: From N9,000
  5. Sada Cruz Suites: From N9,000
  6. Sammy Star Suites: From N4,000
  7. Korona Suites: From N6,500
  8. Oak Hotel: From N5,000
  9. Paris Suites Hotel: From N7,000
  10. Cosmila Suites: From N8,000
  11. Benny Hotels: From N17,000
  12. Peridot Hotel: From N9,000
  13. Carlton Gate Hotel: From N18,000
  14. Dublina Suites: From N14,000
  15. Vickmike Villa Hotel: From N13,000
  16. RBT Lodge: From N15,000
  17. Linas Suites Limited: From N9,000
  18. Vic James Apartments: From N17,050
  19. Brighams Suites Limited: From N20,000
  20. Carat 24 Business Hotels: From N17,000
  21. Rownez Resort Limited: From N20,000
  22. Rockview Hotel Festac: From N29,155
  23. Festival Hotel Festac: From N50,000

Popular Hotels in Festac Town

  1. Carlton Gate Hotel:
    • Location: Plot 1873, A1 Close, 7th Avenue, Festac Town, Lagos.
    • Description: Strategically located with easy access to major expressways. Offers 56 well-furnished rooms catering to various needs. Features include a fitness center, outdoor swimming pool, onsite restaurant, and free high-speed internet.
  2. Dublina Suites:
    • Location: 4th Avenue by G close Festac, Lagos.
    • Description: Situated in the heart of Festac Town, close to key attractions. Rooms equipped with modern amenities like flat-screen TVs and bedside refrigerators. Facilities include a gym, outdoor pool, onsite restaurant, bar, and free Wi-Fi.
  3. Vickmike Villa Hotel:
    • Location: Plot 65B, G 1 Close 21 Road By 4th Avenue Junction 2nd Avenue, Festac, Lagos.
    • Description: Known for affordability and proximity to nightlife spots. Offers comfortable rooms with complimentary breakfast. Features an outdoor pool, onsite restaurant, bar, gym, and free Wi-Fi.


Whether you’re visiting Festac Town for business or leisure, you’ll find a range of accommodation options to suit your needs and budget. From budget-friendly to luxury hotels, Festac has it all. Enjoy modern amenities, convenient locations, and warm hospitality during your stay in this vibrant part of Lagos.


Q: Are these hotel prices subject to change? A: While hotel prices in Festac Town tend to remain stable, it’s always a good idea to check for any updates or seasonal promotions directly with the hotels.

Q: Do these hotels offer parking facilities? A: Yes, most hotels in Festac Town provide adequate parking space for guests’ convenience.

Q: Are there any additional charges not included in the room rates? A: Some hotels may charge additional fees for extra services such as laundry, room service, or use of certain facilities. It’s advisable to inquire about these charges upon booking.

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