HP Laptop Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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Are you on the hunt for a reliable laptop that won’t break the bank? Look no further than HP laptops. Known for their durability, speed, efficiency, and affordability, HP offers a range of models to suit every need and budget. From the sleek HP Pavilion to the powerful HP Envy Touchsmart, there’s something for everyone. But before you dive into the world of HP laptops, let’s explore what sets them apart and what factors to consider when making your purchase.

Why Choose HP Laptops?

HP laptops are renowned for their exceptional battery life, allowing you to work or play without constantly searching for an outlet. Plus, with easy-to-use security and multimedia tools, sharing files and enjoying your favorite content has never been simpler. HP touch screen laptops not only offer stylish designs but also provide smooth response for seamless navigation.

Current Prices of HP Laptops in Nigeria

Here’s a snapshot of some popular HP laptop models and their respective prices in Nigeria:

  • HP EliteBook 840 G5: Starting from N340,000
  • HP ProBook 11 X360: Starting from N129,000
  • HP Stream 11: Starting from N88,240
  • HP Pavilion 15: Starting from N330,000
  • HP 250 G8: Starting from N198,500
  • HP 15: Starting from N191,870

Factors Influencing Price

The prices of HP laptops vary depending on several factors, including build quality, processing power, RAM capacity, hard disk capacity, operating system, and display type. Additional features such as webcam, Bluetooth, touch screen, and fingerprint reader can also affect the price. Keep in mind that laptops with higher specifications tend to cost more.

Things to Consider Before Buying an HP Laptop in Nigeria

  1. Weight: If portability is important to you, consider the weight of the laptop. Ultrabooks and netbooks are lightweight options, while larger laptops may offer more features at the expense of portability.
  2. Screen Size: Choose a screen size that suits your needs, whether you prefer a compact laptop for on-the-go use or a larger screen for immersive viewing experiences.
  3. Processor: The processor is the heart of the laptop, so opt for a model with sufficient processing power for your tasks.
  4. RAM: More RAM allows for smoother multitasking, so consider the amount of RAM you’ll need for your workflow.
  5. Hard Drive: Balance storage capacity with speed when selecting a hard drive. Higher RPMs indicate faster performance.
  6. Operating System: Decide between Windows or other operating systems based on compatibility and personal preference.
  7. Additional Hardware and Ports: Consider the availability of ports and additional hardware, such as optical drives, to connect peripherals as needed.


HP laptops offer a winning combination of durability, performance, and affordability, making them a top choice for users in Nigeria. By considering factors such as weight, screen size, processor, RAM, hard drive, operating system, and additional features, you can find the perfect HP laptop to meet your needs.


Q: Are HP laptops durable? A: Yes, HP laptops are known for their durability and reliability, making them a popular choice among users.

Q: Can I upgrade the RAM and hard drive on an HP laptop? A: Yes, many HP laptops allow for RAM and hard drive upgrades, allowing you to customize your device to suit your needs.

Q: Which operating system is best for HP laptops? A: HP laptops typically come with Windows pre-installed, but you can also choose models with other operating systems depending on your preferences and requirements.

Q: Do HP laptops come with warranties? A: Yes, HP laptops usually come with warranties that cover hardware defects and malfunctions. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the warranty before making your purchase.

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