Kemage Generator Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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In Nigeria, battling with inconsistent power supply is a daily struggle for many. Homes, businesses, and even religious institutions often find themselves at the mercy of erratic electricity. To combat this issue, alternative power sources like generators have become indispensable. Enter Kemage Generators, a rising star in the market, offering reliable solutions at affordable prices.

In the labyrinth of Nigeria’s power crisis, Kemage Generators emerge as a beacon of hope. But what exactly sets them apart, and how much will it cost you to bring one home? Let’s dive into the world of Kemage Generators and unravel the answers to these burning questions.

Understanding Kemage Generators:

Hailing from South Korea, Kemage Generators boast premium quality construction designed to withstand the rigors of Nigerian power woes. Despite their sturdy build, what truly catches the eye is their affordability, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers across the country.

Unveiling Kemage Generator Prices in Nigeria:

Curious about the price tag attached to Kemage Generators? Here’s a sneak peek into their offerings:

  • KEMAGE 12kva Petrol Generator With Remote Control 100% Copper-KM11000E2: Starting from ₦478,000
  • KEMAGE 3.2kva KM4000E2 Generator H Series 100% Copper Key Starter: From ₦193,600
  • KEMAGE 3.5KVA KAMAGE GENERATOR KM4000E2 100% Copper Key Starter: From ₦200,000
  • And many more…

Factors to Ponder Before Purchasing:

Before taking the plunge into the generator market, consider these crucial factors:

  1. Power Needs: Assess the wattage requirements of your appliances to determine the generator’s suitable power output.
  2. Quietness: Take note of noise restrictions in your area and opt for a generator that aligns with these regulations.
  3. Fuel Consumption: Choose a generator with efficient fuel consumption to avoid excessive spending on refueling.
  4. Purchase and Maintenance Costs: Strike a balance between initial purchase price and long-term maintenance expenses to ensure affordability.


In the tumultuous landscape of Nigeria’s power challenges, Kemage Generators emerge as a reliable ally, offering quality solutions at pocket-friendly prices. By considering essential factors and making an informed choice, you can navigate through the power struggles with ease and confidence.


Q: Are Kemage Generators durable? A: Yes, Kemage Generators are manufactured with premium materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

Q: Can I find Kemage Generators in any electronics store in Nigeria? A: Yes, Kemage Generators are widely available in electronics stores across the country.

Q: How do I determine the right generator size for my needs? A: Calculate the combined wattage of your appliances and add a buffer for safety to determine the appropriate generator size.

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