Mobil Oil Price List in Nigeria (2024)

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When it comes to taking care of our vehicles, one name stands out in Nigeria: Mobil Oil, crafted by the esteemed Exxon Mobil. Renowned for its superior quality, Mobil Oil is a trusted companion for engines across the country. But with a plethora of options available, understanding which one suits your vehicle best can be daunting. Fear not, as we’re here to demystify Mobil Oil for you.

Exploring the Price Range

Mobil Oil offers a diverse range of products, each tailored to meet specific needs. Here’s a glimpse into the Mobil Oil price list in Nigeria:

  • Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy, 4L: N15,500 – N16,000
  • Mobil 1 Annual Protection, 4L: N38,640 – N39,200
  • Mobil 1 ESP, 4L: N16,500 – N17,000
  • Mobil 1 Extended Performance High Mileage, 4L: N32,000 – N33,000
  • Mobil 1 Racing Oils, 4L: N54,000 – N56,000
  • Mobil Super XHP Engine Oil, 4L: N9,000 – N9,500

Please note that prices may vary depending on your location, vendor, and external factors like government policies and crude oil prices.

Understanding Mobil Oil Varieties

Navigating through Mobil Oil products can be overwhelming, but fear not, we’re here to guide you. Let’s shed some light on a few popular varieties and their recommended vehicles:

  • Mobil 1 Annual Protection: Fully synthetic, offering year-long or up to 20,000 miles protection, ideal for various engines including supercharged, turbocharged, and multi-valve engines.
  • Mobil 1 Extended Performance: Engineered for light trucks, vans, and passenger cars, providing synthetic protection for up to 15,000 miles.
  • Mobil 1 FS: Designed to safeguard engine parts from wear and tear, perfect for hybrid cars and vehicles with direct injection or turbocharged engines.
  • Mobil 1 ESP: Tailored for both diesel and petrol engines, prolonging engine life and efficiency across different viscosities.


In a world where engine health is paramount, Mobil Oil emerges as a beacon of reliability and performance. With its array of products catering to various engine needs, Mobil Oil ensures that your vehicle runs smoothly, mile after mile. So, the next time you’re in search of engine oil, trust Mobil Oil to keep your engine purring like a contented cat.



1.Can I use Mobil 1 Annual Protection for any vehicle?

Yes, Mobil 1 Annual Protection is suitable for various engine types, including supercharged, turbocharged, and multi-valve engines.

3.What makes Mobil 1 Extended Performance ideal for light trucks and vans?

Mobil 1 Extended Performance offers synthetic protection for up to 15,000 miles, making it perfect for vehicles with higher usage.

4.Is Mobil 1 FS suitable for all hybrid cars?

Yes, Mobil 1 FS is specially formulated to provide excellent protection for hybrid cars, along with vehicles featuring direct injection or turbocharged engine

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