MTN Monthly Data Plans, Prices & Codes (2024)

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In Nigeria, when it comes to mobile networks, MTN stands tall as the crowd favorite. Their slogan, “Everywhere you go,” speaks volumes about their widespread coverage and reliability. With a commitment to providing the best offers, MTN continually refines its data plans to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. Let’s dive into the world of MTN’s monthly data plans, understanding their prices, benefits, and how to activate them.

MTN Monthly Data Plans, Prices & Codes

MTN offers a variety of monthly data plans, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Here’s a breakdown of the plans, their prices, and activation codes:

  1. 1.5GB + 2GB for YouTube at ₦1,000: Ideal for light users. Activate by texting 106 to 312.
  2. 2GB + 600MB YouTube Weekly at ₦1,200: Great for moderate users. Text 130 to 312 to activate.
  3. 3GB + 4GB for YouTube at ₦1,500: Balanced for regular browsing. Activate by texting 131 to 312.
  4. 4.5GB + 4GB for YouTube at ₦2,000: Suitable for multimedia consumption. Text 110 to 312 to activate.
  5. 6GB + 4GB for YouTube at ₦2,500: Ideal for heavy users. Activate by texting 147 to 312.
  6. 10GB + 4GB for YouTube at ₦3,000: Perfect for extensive browsing. Text 148 to 312 to activate.
  7. 15GB (500MB daily) at ₦3,000: For consistent daily usage. Text 162 to 312 to activate.
  8. 12GB + 4GB for YouTube at ₦3,500: Balanced data for various activities. Text 107 to 312 to activate.
  9. 20GB + 4GB for YouTube at ₦5,000: Great for professionals and freelancers. Text 116 to 312 to activate.
  10. 25GB at ₦6,000: Suitable for heavy data users. Text 153 to 312 to activate.
  11. 45GB (1.5GB daily) at ₦6,000: Ideal for consistent daily usage. Text 163 to 312 to activate.
  12. 40GB at ₦10,000: Perfect for shared usage or high consumption. Text 117 to 312 to activate.
  13. 75GB at ₦15,000: Ideal for families or small businesses. Text 150 to 312 to activate.
  14. 120GB at ₦20,000: Suited for larger businesses or multiple users. Text 149 to 312 to activate.
  15. 200GB at ₦30,000: Ideal for offices with high data demands. Dial *312# and follow instructions to activate.

MTN Monthly Data Plans Explained

  1. MTN 1.5 GB Data Plan: Affordable but suitable for light users. Activate by texting 106 to 312. Use data-saving browsers like Opera Mini.
  2. MTN 3 GB Data Plan: A balanced plan for regular usage. Activate by texting 131 to 312. Conserve data by following suggested measures.
  3. MTN 20 GB Data Plan: Ideal for professionals with high data needs. Activate by texting 116 to 312. Enjoy bonus data with the double data offer.
  4. MTN 40 GB Data Plan: Perfect for heavy data users or shared connections. Activate by texting 117 to 312. Ensure high-speed coverage for multiple devices.
  5. MTN 200 GB Data Plan: Suited for office use with significant data demands. Dial *312# to activate and enjoy rollover benefits.


MTN’s monthly data plans offer flexibility and affordability to meet the diverse needs of users in Nigeria. Whether you’re a light user or a heavy data consumer, there’s a plan tailored for you. Stay connected, stay productive with MTN’s reliable data services.


1.Can I rollover unused data on MTN’s monthly plans?

Yes, with the 200 GB plan, unused data can be rolled over to the next month, providing added value and flexibility.

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