MTN Pulse Data Plans, Prices & Codes (2024)

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Are you tired of expensive data and call rates? MTN Pulse might just be the solution you need! MTN Pulse is a prepaid tariff plan from MTN that offers fantastic benefits, including affordable data plans and flat call rates. Let’s delve into what MTN Pulse has to offer:

MTN Pulse Data Plans

MTN Pulse offers a variety of data plans at pocket-friendly prices:

  • 750 MB data plan: ₦300, valid for 3 days.
  • 1.5 GB data plan: ₦500, valid for 7 days.
  • Pulse Nightlife bundle:
    • 250 MB: ₦25, for overnight browsing.
    • 500 MB: ₦50, also for overnight browsing.
  • Special Instagram and TikTok Bundle:
    • 350 MB: ₦100.
    • 1 GB: ₦200.

Benefits of MTN Pulse:

  • Flat call rate of 11.26 kobo per second to all networks in Nigeria.
  • Accumulate Pulse points for more free data.
  • Free 10 MB in your monthly data account after your first call or recharge for the month.
  • Pulse Tuesday offers with special discounts on data plans.
  • Access to a wide range of life-enriching products and services.

How to Migrate to MTN Pulse:

To enjoy these benefits, you need to migrate to MTN Pulse:

  1. Text 406 to 312.
  2. Dial 4061# or 1232*2#.
  3. Use the myMTN App or myMTN Web.
  4. Select MTN Pulse as your preferred plan.

MTN Pulse Night Data Plans:

Stay connected even at night with MTN Pulse Night Plans:

  • 250 MB Night data plan: ₦25.
  • 500 MB Night data plan: ₦50.

Activate these plans by dialing *406# and selecting (4) NightLife Bundles.

Other Packages Under MTN Pulse:

  • MTN Pulse GoodyBag: Access Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Opera Mini, and YouTube for just ₦25. Dial *406# and select (6) GoodyBag to activate.
  • MTN Pulse InstaBinge: Enjoy Instagram with special data plans: 250 MB for ₦100 and 1 GB for ₦200. Dial *406# and select (5) InstaBinge to activate.
  • MTN Pulse Music: Stream the latest songs for ₦10 per day. Dial *406# and select (3) Music+ to activate.


MTN Pulse offers unbeatable data and call plans, making it one of the best options for users in Nigeria. With affordable data bundles, flat call rates, and additional benefits like Pulse points and special discounts, MTN Pulse ensures you stay connected without breaking the bank.


  1. How do I migrate to MTN Pulse?

    • Text 406 to 312 or dial 4061# / 1232*2#.
    • Use the myMTN App or myMTN Web.
    • Select MTN Pulse as your preferred plan.
  2. What are the benefits of MTN Pulse?

    • Flat call rate of 11.26 kobo per second.
    • Accumulate Pulse points for free data.
    • Free 10 MB monthly data after the first call or recharge.
    • Pulse Tuesday offers for discounted data plans.
  3. How do I activate MTN Pulse Night Data Plans?

    • Dial *406# and select (4) NightLife Bundles.
    • Choose your preferred plan: 250 MB for ₦25 or 500 MB for ₦50.
  4. What other packages are available under MTN Pulse?

    • MTN Pulse GoodyBag for social media access.
    • MTN Pulse InstaBinge for Instagram data plans.
    • MTN Pulse Music for music streaming at a low cost.
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