Nivea Extra Whitening Lotion Price in Nigeria (2024)

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Taking care of your skin is important, and one of the best ways to do that is by using body lotion. In Nigeria, Nivea Extra Whitening Lotion stands out as a top choice for many. Not only does it moisturize the skin, but it also helps to keep it healthy. In this guide, we’ll delve into the various Nivea Extra Whitening Lotions available in Nigeria, their prices, ingredients, and how to choose the right one for your skin type.

Prices of Nivea Extra Whitening Lotions in Nigeria:

Here are the prices of some popular Nivea Extra Whitening Lotions in Nigeria:

  1. Nivea Extra White Firm and Smooth 400ml – From N15,800
  2. Nivea Extra White Body Lotion – From N10,500
  3. Nivea Extra White Firm Smooth Lotion With Q10 and Collagen – From N25,000
  4. Nivea Extra White Radiant and Smooth 400ml – From N7,500
  5. Nivea Extra White Repair and Protect Body Lotion 350ml – From N12,000
  6. Nivea Extra White Instant Glow Body Lotion 400ml – From N10,500
  7. Nivea Extra White Express Hydration Body Lotion 400ml – From N11,000
  8. Nivea Extra White Insta Aura Serum – From N18,000

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

All Nivea Extra Whitening Lotions contain Super Fruit extracts and varying amounts of Q10, which act as whitening agents and improve skin firmness. These lotions help with dryness, uneven skin tone, dark spots, and sagging skin. The special ingredients present in these lotions include Aqua, Glycerin, Dimethicone, and Superfruit extracts like Camu Camu.

How to Choose the Right Nivea Extra Whitening Lotion for Your Skin:

Consider your skin type (normal, sensitive, dry, oily, or combination) before selecting a product. Pay attention to the texture of the lotion – lighter ones are suitable for normal skin, while creamier ones are better for dry skin. Look for lotions with SPF 15 or more to protect your skin from sun damage, and choose a scent that suits your preference.


Nivea Extra Whitening Lotions offer a range of options to suit different skin types and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a light, non-greasy lotion or a creamier formula for dry skin, there’s a Nivea product for you. Remember to consider factors like SPF protection and scent when making your choice.


Are Nivea Extra Whitening Lotions suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, Nivea offers options for sensitive skin. Look for products labeled as suitable for sensitive skin or consult a dermatologist for personalized recommendations.

 Can Nivea Extra Whitening Lotions be used on the face?

While some people may use these lotions on their faces, it’s generally recommended to use products specifically formulated for facial skin to avoid potential irritation or breakouts.

 How often should I apply Nivea Extra Whitening Lotion?

It’s recommended to apply lotion daily, preferably after showering or bathing, to lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.


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