Nordica Fertility Centre Price List (2024)

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Struggling with fertility issues can be an emotionally draining journey for couples dreaming of parenthood. Nordica Fertility Centre, spearheaded by Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, offers hope and specialized assistance in navigating this challenging terrain. Let’s delve into the services provided and their associated costs to shed light on this vital aspect of family planning.

Understanding Nordica Fertility Centre’s Services:

Nordica Fertility Centre specializes in assisted reproductive services aimed at addressing fertility challenges faced by couples. Here’s a breakdown of the services they offer:

  1. Initial Assessment:

    • Price: N110,000
    • Includes transvaginal scanning and consultation with a fertility specialist to determine the cause of infertility.
  2. Diagnostic Tests:

    • Diagnostic screening for donor or own egg: N130,000 or N160,000, respectively.
    • Essential tests to gather baseline information about the couple’s fertility status and ensure safe procedures.
  3. IVF and Surrogacy:

    • Surrogacy IVF treatment: N1,520,000 (excluding drug costs), along with additional fees for assessments, legalities, and scheduling.
    • Recipient Cycle (Donor Egg Treatment) options with varying prices depending on donor anonymity and cycle repetitions.
  4. Cryopreservation:

    • Services include embryo and sperm freezing, ensuring future fertility options.
    • Prices range from N45,000 to N120,000 depending on the service and duration.
  5. Other Services:

    • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), endoscopic procedures, laser-assisted hatching, and more are available to address specific fertility needs.

Understanding Costs and Payment Options:

Nordica Fertility Centre offers various plans and pricing options to suit different needs and budgets:

  1. Single, Two, and Three Cycle Plans:

    • Prices range from N950,000 to N1,840,000, offering savings and free registration and inquiry.
  2. Flexible Payment Options:

    • Clients can pay 75% of the total cost upfront, with the remaining 25% due before treatment completion. Installment options are available for the initial payment.

FAQs about Nordica Fertility Centre:

  1. Payment Flexibility:
    • Clients can pay in installments, with 75% due before treatment and the remainder upon completion.
  2. Initial Inquiry:
    • Initial inquiries are free, allowing couples to explore options without financial commitment.
  3. Treatment Duration:
    • Treatment duration varies but typically lasts 4 to 6 weeks, with no need for admission.
  4. Drug Costs:
    • Drug costs vary depending on the treatment, ranging from N150,000 to N450,000.
  5. Success Rates:
    • Success rates vary with age and treatment type, ranging from 10% to 50%.


Navigating fertility challenges requires understanding, support, and access to specialized services. Nordica Fertility Centre stands as a beacon of hope, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to individual needs. With transparent pricing, flexible payment options, and a commitment to success, Nordica empowers couples on their journey to parenthood.

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