Plotter Machine Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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In today’s printing business, plotter machines have become indispensable tools for transferring graphic designs onto various materials and surfaces. Commonly known as vinyl plotters, these machines enable designers to bring their creations to life on vinyl material. However, with the Nigerian market flooded with different types of plotter machines, it can be overwhelming to understand their functionalities and prices. That’s why we’ve simplified the information for you.

YINGHE Vinyl Cutting Plotter – N342,000 – N400,000

  • What it does: This machine helps print designs on vinyl material.
  • Key Features: Floor stand, high-performance main board, intelligent CPU, maximum paper feed width of 1300mm, maximum cutting width of 1200mm, maximum cutting speed of 500mm/s.
  • Extras: Comes with a power cord, instruction manual, blade holder, pen holder, data cable, and supports cutting reflective film and 2mm letters.

42” Vinyl Cutting Plotter – N198,000 – N210,000

  • Applications: Ideal for heat transfer vinyl, advertising, light boxes production, woven bag printing, and more.
  • Included: Floor stand, Art Cut Software, Driver Software, 4 Cutting Blade, Blade Holder, Drawing Pen, Power Cable, USB Cable, and more.

43” Vinyl Cutting Plotter – N210,000 – N240,000

  • Similar to the 42” model: Suitable for various applications with similar features.

Vinyl Cutting Plotter For High-Speed Production (28″) – N180,000 – N205,000

  • Speedy Performance: Offers a maximum cutting speed of 600mm per second and supports high-speed production.
  • Details: Includes Art Cut Software, Driver Software, 4 Cutting Blade, Blade Holder, Drawing Pen, and more.

14” Table Top High-Speed Cutting Plotter Machine – N149,000 – N200,000

  • Compact Option: Suitable for limited space areas with a 14” paper feed width and a cutting speed of 800mm/s.
  • Features: Comes with Artcut software, various accessories, and a user manual.

Graphtec CE5000-60 Cutter – N900,000 – N1.2 million

  • Premium Option: Offers advanced features like digital servo motor drives and high precision cutting.
  • Included: RS-232C Serial (COM) and USB interface, GP-GL/HP-GL driving instructions, and more.


Plotter machines, also known as vinyl plotters, are essential for modern printing businesses in Nigeria. Prices vary depending on the machine’s features and capabilities. Whether you’re looking for basic functionality or advanced features, there’s a plotter machine to suit your needs and budget in the Nigerian market.


1. What is the difference between a plotter machine and a vinyl cutter?

Yes,While they serve similar purposes, plotter machines typically offer more advanced features and capabilities compared to vinyl cutters.

2. What applications can I use a plotter machine for?

Yes, Plotter machines are versatile and can be used for various applications including heat transfer vinyl, advertising, banner production, and more.

3.What factors should I consider before purchasing a plotter machine?

Yes,Consider factors such as cutting width, cutting speed, software compatibility, and additional features based on your specific needs and budget.

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