Prices of Fohow Products in Nigeria (2024)

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In the realm of natural herbal products, finding a reliable brand can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But fear not, because Fohow is here to save the day. Renowned for its trustworthiness and efficient products, Fohow has captured the hearts of many with its affordability and efficacy.

Exploring Fohow’s Product Range

Fohow has delved into various areas within the herbal product industry, offering a diverse range of offerings including creams, capsules, teas, drinks, and more. Recently, they’ve even introduced knee belts, neck belts, and waist belts crafted from natural herbal ingredients.

Let’s take a peek at some of their most sought-after products and their prices in the Nigerian market:

  • Fohow Liuwei Cha Tea: N7,000 – N8,000
  • Fohow Linchzhi Capsules (Ganoderma): N11,000 – N15,000
  • Fohow Sanbao Oral Liquid: N15,000 – N20,000
  • Fohow Blood Cleanser (Xue Qing Fu): N20,000 – N30,000
  • Fohow Hai Zao Ga (Calcium): N14,000 – N18,000
  • Fohow Rosa Solid Drink: N6,000 – N8,000
  • Fohow Sanqing Oral Liquid: N11,000 – N20,000
  • Fohow Garlic Essence Oil Soft Capsule: N3,700 – N5,000
  • Fohow Compound Danshen Tablets: N4,000 – N6,000
  • Fohow Aloe Vera Gel: N4,500 – N7,000

And the list goes on. These prices may vary depending on factors such as location and time of purchase. Keep an eye out for Fohow’s annual bonanzas for potential discounts.

Getting to Know Fohow

Fohow products are riding the wave of popularity in the global natural herbal product market. Their use of natural herbs provides them with a competitive edge, boasting reduced side effects and significant health benefits. From alleviating symptoms of various ailments to aiding in cancer treatment, Fohow products have garnered praise for their reliability and effectiveness.

These products are readily available for purchase in Nigeria, either directly from Fohow outlets or through various e-commerce platforms. With a range of offerings from disease-battling solutions to immune system boosters, Fohow caters to a wide array of health needs.

What Sets Fohow Apart

  1. Effectiveness: Fohow products are lauded for their efficacy, with many customers attesting to their effectiveness when used as directed.
  2. All-Natural: Crafted from natural herbs, Fohow products boast minimal side effects and maximum benefits for the body.
  3. Accessibility: Whether through physical outlets or online channels, Fohow products are easily accessible to consumers.
  4. Affordability: Compared to similar brands, Fohow products offer affordability without compromising quality.


With its commitment to providing natural, effective herbal products at affordable prices, Fohow has established itself as a frontrunner in the industry. Whether you’re battling a specific ailment or simply seeking to boost your overall health, Fohow has something for everyone.


1.Where can I purchase Fohow products?

Fohow products are available for purchase at Fohow outlets, through distributors, and on various e-commerce platforms across Nigeria

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