Qlink Motorcycle Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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From the sleek entry into the automobile market in 1988 to becoming a leading motorbike company two decades ago, Qlink has consistently dominated the Nigerian motorcycle market with its exceptional bike designs and outstanding features. There’s never been any doubt about the brand’s quality and longevity.

Qlink motorcycles are more than just vehicles you pass by on the street; they’re eye-catching marvels that can change your perception of bikes. With their classy designs, amazing features, efficiency, durability, and ruggedness, Qlink has revolutionized the motorcycle scene, making it a desirable experience.

Qlink Motorcycle Prices in Nigeria

Despite competition, Qlink stands out with its innovative designs, setting a class of its own. While not the most popular in its birthplace, Qlink has found a significant market in Nigeria, known for its classy and dynamic bikes.

Apart from user-friendly features, Qlink motorcycles command attention on the road or parked. They’re versatile, fitting into various uses like dispatch services, commercial operations, or personal rides. With Qlink, expect a smooth and steady journey, whether as a rider or passenger.

Though not the most fuel-efficient, Qlink ensures a great riding experience. Prices for brand new Qlink motorcycles in Nigeria start from N550,000, varying based on model, features, and year of production.

Prices of Used Qlink Motorcycles in Nigeria

For those seeking affordability without compromising quality, fairly used Qlink models are available at lower prices. Despite being used, they maintain good condition and efficiency. Here are some popular models and their prices:

  • Qlink XF 200 SM 2021: From N450,000
  • Qlink XF 200 SM 2022: From N560,000
  • Qlink X-ranger 200 2020: From N450,000
  • Qlink X-Ranger 200 2019: From N400,000
  • Qlink XP 200 2022: From N390,000
  • Qlink X-ranger 200 2020: From N300,000

Qlink Motorcycle: Things You Should Know

Qlink Motor is a reputable automobile company established in 1988, renowned for producing motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs. They offer various types and models of bikes, varying in size, design, features, and prices. Qlink also manufactures ladies’ bikes with enhanced features for smoother riding, stability, and safety.


1.Are Qlink motorcycles expensive?

While not the cheapest, Qlink motorcycles offer affordability without compromising quality.

2. Where can I buy Qlink motorcycles in Nigeria?

You can purchase them from Qlink branches or distributors across the country.

3. Are Qlink motorcycles durable?

Qlink bikes are known for their toughness and durability.


Qlink motorcycles in Nigeria offer a blend of style, performance, and affordability. With their classy designs, smooth rides, and durable build, they stand out in the market, catering to various needs from personal to commercial use. Whether you opt for a brand new model or a fairly used one, expect a ride that exceeds expectations.

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