Renewable Energy Courses in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

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In today’s world, energy is the lifeblood of civilization, powering everything from our homes to industries. However, with concerns about climate change and environmental degradation on the rise, there’s a growing interest in shifting towards cleaner, more sustainable energy sources. Renewable energy, derived from natural sources like sunlight, wind, and water, presents a promising solution to these pressing challenges.

Understanding Renewable Energy:

Renewable energy sources are those that are naturally replenished and emit minimal to no pollutants or greenhouse gases. These sources include:

  • Solar Energy: Harnessing sunlight through solar panels.
  • Wind Energy: Capturing wind power using turbines.
  • Hydro Energy: Utilizing the flow of water in rivers and dams.
  • Tidal Energy: Generating power from the ebb and flow of ocean tides.

The adoption of renewable energy offers several benefits, including improved public health, reduced global warming, energy price stability, and job creation in the renewable energy sector.

Renewable Energy Courses in Nigeria:

For individuals in Nigeria eager to delve into the world of renewable energy, there are various courses available to provide fundamental knowledge and practical skills. Let’s explore some popular options and their key features:

  1. Ultimate Renewable Energy Bundle Course for Beginners:

    • This comprehensive course covers various renewable energy sources, including wave energy, hydroelectric power plants, solar energy, geothermal power plants, and wind energy.
    • Topics range from wave energy converters to solar system components and wind turbine design.
    • Training cost: N24,000 – N36,000.
  2. Green Hydrogen Fundamentals: A Renewable Energy Course:

    • This course focuses on the production, storage, and applications of hydrogen, particularly in the energy industry.
    • Modules cover hydrogen production, storage methods, fuel cells, safety considerations, and future prospects.
    • Training cost: N24,900 – N30,900.
  3. Wind Energy Fundamentals: Renewable Energy Power Course:

    • Geared towards professionals and students interested in the wind energy sector, this course provides insights into wind turbine design, wind farm projects, and career opportunities.
    • Modules include wind calculation basics, turbine aerodynamics, siting considerations, and career guidance.
    • Training cost: N29,900 – N39,900.


As the world transitions towards a sustainable energy future, investing in renewable energy education becomes increasingly valuable. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills, pursue a career in the renewable energy sector, or simply expand your knowledge, these courses offer a solid foundation in understanding and harnessing the power of renewable resources.


  1. Are these courses suitable for beginners?

    • Yes, these courses are designed to cater to beginners with little to no prior knowledge of renewable energy concepts.
  2. What are the career prospects in the renewable energy sector?

    • The renewable energy sector offers diverse career opportunities, including roles in project development, engineering, research, consulting, and policy-making.
  3. Do these courses provide certifications?

    • Upon completion of the courses and assessments, participants typically receive certificates validating their newfound knowledge and skills.
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