Strawberries Price in Nigeria (2024)

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Are you a fan of these juicy, vibrant red berries? If you’ve ever wondered about the price range of strawberries in Nigeria, look no further! We’re here to break it down for you in simple terms.

What’s the Price Tag?

When it comes to strawberries, the retail price range in Naira can vary. On average, you can expect to pay between NGN 1,761.84 and NGN 2,642.76 per kilogram. If you prefer to think in pounds, that translates to roughly between NGN 799.02 and NGN 1,198.53 per pound.

Why the Price Fluctuation?

Several factors contribute to the fluctuation in strawberry prices. These include seasonal variations in supply, transportation costs, and demand dynamics. Additionally, factors such as weather conditions and crop yield can also influence pricing.

Is It Worth the Cost?

While strawberries may seem a bit pricey compared to some other fruits, many would argue that they’re worth every Naira. Not only are they delicious and versatile, but they also pack a nutritional punch, being rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber.


the price range for strawberries in Nigeria falls between NGN 1,761.84 and NGN 2,642.76 per kilogram, or between NGN 799.02 and NGN 1,198.53 per pound. Despite fluctuations, strawberries remain a popular choice among fruit enthusiasts due to their taste, versatility, and nutritional benefits.


1.Are there cheaper alternatives to fresh strawberries?

Yes, if fresh strawberries are out of your budget, you can consider purchasing frozen strawberries or opting for other seasonal fruits that are more affordable.

2.Can I grow strawberries at home to save money?

Absolutely! Growing your own strawberries can be a cost-effective option, especially if you have space for a small garden or even just a few pots on your balcony.

3.Are there any specific times of the year when strawberries are cheaper?

Typically, you’ll find strawberries at their most affordable during peak harvesting seasons, which may vary depending on the region. However, keep an eye out for sales and promotions at local markets and grocery stores for potential savings year-round.

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