Tizeti Data Plans, Prices & Codes (2024)

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In today’s fast-paced world, having reliable internet access is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, or corporate professional, staying connected is key to success. Enter Tizeti, a lesser-known but innovative internet service provider in Nigeria, offering affordable and competitive data plans to meet your connectivity needs.

What is Tizeti?

Tizeti is a cutting-edge technology communications company revolutionizing internet access in Nigeria. By harnessing the vast wireless capacity of Wi-Fi and leveraging solar panel technology, Tizeti is pioneering a network that delivers unlimited, customer-friendly internet services at disruptive rates.

Tizeti’s Data Plans: Affordable and Unlimited

Tizeti offers a range of data plans under its flagship brand, Wifi.com.ng, catering to diverse needs and budgets:

  • Residential Unlimited: Priced at N12,500 per month, this plan offers unlimited data with browsing speeds of up to 3mbps, making it perfect for home users.
  • Residential Unlimited Lagos: At N16,500 per month, subscribers enjoy the same unlimited data and browsing speeds tailored for users in Lagos.
  • Residential Pro: For N75,000 valid for 6 months, subscribers get unlimited data, 3mbps browsing speed, and a bonus of one month free.
  • Residential Yearly: Priced at N150,000 for a year, subscribers enjoy unlimited data for 12 months, 3mbps browsing speed, and a bonus of two months free.
  • Turbo Connect: Offering unlimited data for a month at N60,000, with browsing speeds ranging from 50Mbps to 150Mbps, this plan is ideal for those needing a boost in connectivity.

Additionally, Tizeti offers custom plans under the “Contact Us” option, allowing users to tailor their internet experience according to their specific requirements.

Express Wi-Fi: Fast and Affordable Public Wi-Fi

Tizeti’s Express Wi-Fi is designed for public use in places like cafes, outdoor spaces, and markets. With plans starting from as low as N50 for 100 MB, users can enjoy affordable internet access with options ranging up to N2,000 for 10 GB, along with access to Facebook Flex and Free basics.

WifiCall: Unlimited Calling Made Easy

Tizeti’s WifiCall service enables users to make unlimited crystal-clear calls to anyone, anywhere. With plans ranging from free Basic options to paid Business Plans offering additional features like call recording and call history data, WifiCall ensures seamless communication for personal and business needs.


In a digital age where connectivity is king, Tizeti stands out as a reliable and affordable internet service provider in Nigeria. With a range of data plans tailored to different needs and budgets, along with innovative services like Express Wi-Fi and WifiCall, Tizeti is paving the way for seamless connectivity across the nation.


1.How do I activate Tizeti data plans?

Activation is simple. Visit the Tizeti website or contact customer support for assistance in selecting and activating your desired data plan.

2.Is Tizeti available only in Nigeria?

Yes, Tizeti currently operates exclusively in Nigeria, serving customers across the country with its range of internet services.

3.Can I customize my data plan with Tizeti?

Absolutely! Tizeti offers custom plans under the “Contact Us” option, allowing users to tailor their internet experience according to their specific needs.

4.What is the validity period of Tizeti data plans?

Validity periods vary depending on the plan selected, ranging from monthly to yearly subscriptions, with some plans offering additional free months as bonuses.

5.Are there any additional charges besides the plan cost?

Some plans may require a one-time setup fee, as outlined in the plan details. However, there are no hidden charges beyond the specified plan costs.

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