Where to Buy Cereals in Bags in Nigeria (2024)

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In Nigeria, cereals are a staple food consumed by many households daily. Whether you’re looking to start a cereal business or simply want to stock up on your favorite grains, buying in bulk can be a cost-effective and convenient option. This comprehensive guide will take you through where to buy cereals in bags in Nigeria, the benefits of purchasing in bulk, and why it’s a smart choice for both businesses and individuals.

What Does Buying Cereals in Bags Mean?

Buying cereals in bags refers to purchasing them in larger quantities, typically packaged in sacks or large bags. This method allows for bulk buying rather than purchasing individual or smaller packages. Cereals are packaged this way to cater to customers who require larger quantities for resale or personal use.

Where to Buy Cereals in Bags in Nigeria

Here’s a list of stores in Nigeria where you can purchase cereals in bulk:

  1. The Market Food Shop – Online food market serving Lagos and nearby areas.
  2. Zikora Cereal Store – Located in Gwarinpa Estate, Abuja.
  3. Best Cereals and Beverages – Situated in Umuahia, Nigeria.
  4. Bulk Price Store – Located in Lekki, Lagos.
  5. Air Unicorn Beverages and Cereals – Found at the University of Ibadan.
  6. Fantastic Superstore Nigeria Limited – Based in Lagos.
  7. Kennedy Nigeria Ltd – Located in Lagos.
  8. Branz Superstores – Situated in Abuja.
  9. Packandpick Supermarket – Located in Lagos.
  10. EFG MART – Based in Uyo, Nigeria.
  11. Bestsaver Supermarket – Situated in Lekki, Lagos.
  12. Bazebo – Found in Lagos.
  13. Mulby – Located in Abuja.
  14. Jumbo Smart Nigeria – Based in Lagos.
  15. Home Affairs Supermarket – Found in Ikeja, Lagos.
  16. Onigbinde Super Market – Located in Jos, Plateau.
  17. PAVIK FOODS – Based in Nsukka, Nigeria.
  18. Home Affairs Supermarket OGBA – Situated in Lagos.

Benefits of Buying Cereals in Bags in Nigeria

  1. Increase Profit Potential: Purchasing cereals in bulk allows for significant cost savings, translating to higher profit margins when selling.
  2. Extended Shelf Life: Bagged cereals often come with resealable closures, maintaining freshness and quality for longer periods.
  3. Alteration of Portion Sizes: Flexibility in portion sizes enables tailored purchases based on individual or business needs, minimizing waste and maximizing convenience.


Buying cereals in bags in Nigeria offers numerous advantages, including cost-effectiveness, extended shelf life, and flexibility in portion sizes. Whether you’re running a business or stocking up for personal use, purchasing in bulk from reputable stores ensures quality and affordability.


Q: Can I buy cereals in bags online? A: Yes, several stores, such as The Market Food Shop, offer online purchasing options for cereals in bags.

Q: Are the cereals sold in bags of good quality? A: Yes, reputable stores ensure that the cereals packaged in bags maintain high quality and freshness.

Q: Can I alter the portion sizes of bagged cereals? A: Yes, bagged cereals typically come with resealable closures, allowing for easy alteration of portion sizes to suit individual needs.

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