9mobile Weekly Data Plans, Prices & Codes (2024)

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In Nigeria, staying connected has never been easier, thanks to 9mobile, the mobile network provider formerly known as Etisalat. Renowned for its reliable services and pocket-friendly data plans, 9mobile has been a go-to choice for many Nigerians seeking fast and affordable internet connectivity.

The Transition from Etisalat to 9mobile

Back in 2017, amidst challenging times, Etisalat underwent a transformation, rebranding itself as 9mobile. Despite the name change, the commitment to top-notch services remained steadfast, ensuring customers continued to enjoy seamless connectivity.

Exploring 9mobile’s Weekly Data Plans

For those seeking short-term data solutions, 9mobile’s weekly data plans offer a convenient option. Although modest in size, these plans cater to various needs without breaking the bank. Let’s delve into the offerings:

  • 7GB Data Plan + Social Data: Perfect for a week’s worth of browsing and socializing. Simply dial 2292*2# to activate.
  • 2GB Data (1GB + 1GB Night): Priced at N500, this plan provides a data boost for 14 days, ideal for moderate users. Activate by dialing 2292*15#.
  • 250MB Data: An economical option at N200, offering 7 days of connectivity. Activate by dialing 2292*10# or sending LCD to 229.
  • 1GB + Social Data Plan: Priced at N500, this plan strikes a balance between affordability and usability. Dial 2292*1# to activate.
  • 7GB Data + Social Plan: For those requiring ample data for a week, priced at N1,500. Activate by dialing 2292*2#.

Other Exciting Data Plans

Beyond weekly options, 9mobile offers an array of data plans tailored to diverse needs:

  • Ranging from 500MB to 125GB, with varying validity periods and prices, these plans ensure there’s something for everyone.
  • Night plans and weekend specials cater to specific usage patterns, offering discounted rates during off-peak hours.

How to Purchase 9mobile Data Plans

Securing your preferred data plan is a breeze with 9mobile:

  • Utilize USSD codes for instant activation.
  • Send an SMS to the designated number for hassle-free subscription.
  • Opt to purchase via your bank’s USSD service for added convenience.


9mobile continues to be a frontrunner in providing affordable and reliable mobile internet services in Nigeria. With an extensive range of data plans catering to various needs, staying connected has never been more accessible. Whether it’s for a week or a month, there’s a plan to suit every lifestyle and budget.


1.How do I cancel auto-renewal on 9mobile data plans?

Dial 2290# to disable auto-renewal for any subscribed plan.

2.Do 9mobile data plans rollover?

Yes, rollover applies to all data plans, ensuring unused data is carried over to the next subscription.

3.Are there special data bundles for video streaming?

Yes, 9mobile offers video streaming data bundles tailored for various usage patterns, providing uninterrupted entertainment.

4.What is the validity period of 9mobile’s night and weekend plans?

Night and weekend plans have specific validity periods, allowing users to maximize usage during designated hours.

5.Can I purchase 9mobile data plans through my bank?

Yes, you can conveniently purchase data plans via your bank’s USSD service, adding another layer of accessibility.

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