Afriglobal Medicare Price List (2024)

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In a world where health is wealth, prioritizing regular checkups is crucial. One renowned destination for comprehensive health assessments in Nigeria is Afriglobal Medicare Limited. Renowned for its top-notch facilities and patient-centric approach, Afriglobal Medicare offers a range of health packages tailored to individual needs. Let’s delve into what they offer and what you can expect.

Understanding the Packages:

Afriglobal Medicare provides health packages for both men and women, catering to various health concerns and preferences. These packages are designed to cover a wide array of tests and screenings, ensuring a thorough evaluation of your health status.

For Men:

  • Standard Package: Starting at N45,000, this package covers essential tests like CBC, liver function tests, lipid profile, and more.
  • Silver Package: At N70,000, this includes additional screenings such as eye screening and lung function tests.
  • Gold Package: Priced at N100,000, this package extends to include PSA and prostate scans.
  • Diamond Package: Offering even more comprehensive testing, this package includes cardiac stress tests and echocardiography, starting at N130,000.
  • Platinum Package: The most extensive package, priced at N190,000, includes advanced imaging studies like MRI along with other screenings.

For Women:

  • Standard Package: Similar to the men’s standard package, this includes essential screenings starting at N45,000.
  • Silver Package: Additional tests include pap smears and mammography, starting at N75,000.
  • Gold Package: At N110,000, this includes screenings for Helicobacter pylori and cardiac stress tests.
  • Diamond Package: Similar to men’s diamond package, this includes a range of tests along with a choice of CT scan, starting at N140,000.
  • Platinum Package: The most comprehensive package, starting at N195,000, includes MRI and other advanced tests.


Regular health checkups are essential for early detection and prevention of various health conditions. Afriglobal Medicare Limited offers a range of health packages tailored to individual needs, ensuring a thorough assessment of your health status. Investing in your health today can save you from potential health complications in the future.


  1. Are these prices fixed? While the prices listed are current, they are subject to change based on company policies and other factors. It’s advisable to check with Afriglobal Medicare for the latest pricing information.
  2. What if I need additional tests not included in the packages? Afriglobal Medicare offers a range of additional tests and services beyond the packages mentioned. You can discuss your specific requirements with their healthcare professionals for personalized recommendations.
  3. How often should I undergo these health check packages? The frequency of health checkups depends on various factors including age, medical history, and lifestyle. It’s recommended to consult with a healthcare provider to determine an appropriate schedule for your checkups.
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