Best Rechargeable Fans in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

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Are you tired of sweating profusely in the scorching Nigerian heat, only to be let down by unreliable power supply from PHCN? If you’re nodding along, then you’re not alone. Many Nigerians face the frustration of unpredictable electricity, especially when they need it the most. But fear not, because the solution might just be a rechargeable fan away.

In Nigeria, the familiar cry of “Up NEPA” signals a frenzy of activity as people rush to iron clothes, charge phones, and catch up on TV shows. However, with the inconsistent power supply, battling the heat becomes an added challenge. That’s where rechargeable fans come to the rescue.

Here’s a rundown of some of the best rechargeable fans available in the Nigerian market:

1. Qasa Rechargeable Fan (From N90,000)

  • A giant, powerful, and durable 18-inch fan suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Features smooth operation, remote control, night light, and USB charging for devices.
  • Fully charges in 5 to 6 hours and lasts for 10 to 12 hours.

2. Lontor Rechargeable Fan (From N80,000)

  • A highly efficient 16-inch fan known for its durability and quality.
  • Fully charges in 5 hours and operates continuously for 8 hours.
  • Perfect for battling the heat with its powerful airflow.

3. OX Rechargeable Fan (From N100,000)

  • Renowned for its powerful and smooth operation, with minimal noise emission.
  • Features a 3-step speed control and large air volume support.
  • Fully charges in 7 hours and lasts for 8 hours.

4. Sonitec Rechargeable Fan (From N50,000)

  • Known for its extra cooling effect, providing refreshing air even in extreme heat.
  • Fully charges in 6 to 7 hours and operates for 6 to 8 hours.

5. Andrakk Water Mist Rechargeable Fan (From N65,000)

  • Multi-functional fan with a solar panel option for charging.
  • Fully charges in 6 to 7 hours and operates for 7 to 8 hours.

6. Binatone Rechargeable Fan (From N83,000)

  • Offers reliability, durability, and efficiency.
  • Fully charges in 7 hours and operates for a minimum of 6 hours.

These rechargeable fans offer relief from the heat and the inconvenience of power outages. However, choosing the right one depends on factors like power requirement, battery capacity, and personal preference.


In a country where power supply is erratic, having a reliable rechargeable fan can make all the difference. With options ranging from giant fans with remote controls to efficient models with extra cooling features, there’s something for everyone’s needs and budgets. Say goodbye to sweating it out in the heat and embrace the cool comfort of a rechargeable fan.


Q: Are rechargeable fans expensive? A: While some models may have higher price tags, there are options available to suit various budgets. Consider the features and durability when making your choice.

Q: Can rechargeable fans be used outdoors? A: Yes, many rechargeable fans are suitable for outdoor use, providing cooling relief in gardens, patios, or during outdoor events.

Q: How long do rechargeable fans last on a single charge? A: The duration varies depending on the fan model and usage. Some fans can operate for several hours on a single charge, while others may last longer or shorter periods. Always check the specifications for accurate information.

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