Best Selling Snacks in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

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In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, sometimes three square meals just don’t cut it. That’s where snacks come in handy. Nigeria boasts a rich variety of snacks that are not only delicious but also convenient for those in-between meal cravings. From locally-made delicacies to commercially-produced favorites, there’s something for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular snacks in Nigeria and their benefits.

1. Gala Sausage Roll

If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic or traveled by road in Nigeria, chances are you’ve come across Gala Sausage Roll. This iconic snack, wrapped in its distinctive red and yellow packaging, is a staple for many. Made from a blend of wheat flour and savory meat sausage, it’s both tasty and satisfying. Packed with protein and iron, Gala provides the energy boost you need to get through your day.

2. Moi-moi

Moi-moi, a traditional Nigerian snack made from beans, is a versatile dish enjoyed at any time of day. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite on the go or sitting down for a meal, moi-moi hits the spot. Rich in protein and fiber, it keeps you feeling full and satisfied for longer. Plus, it’s loaded with antioxidants and helps improve digestive health. Enjoy it alone or pair it with your favorite side dish for a wholesome treat.

3. Plantain Chips

Crunchy and flavorful, plantain chips are a popular snack choice across Nigeria. Whether made from ripe or unripe plantains, they offer a satisfying crunch with every bite. High in calories and packed with vitamins A and C, plantain chips provide a nutritious pick-me-up throughout the day. Enjoy them on their own or pair them with a refreshing drink for a delightful snack time experience.

4. Akara

A beloved street food, akara, or bean cakes, are a delicious and nutritious snack option. Made from beans and deep-fried to perfection, they’re crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Rich in protein and fiber, akara keeps you feeling full and energized. It’s also a great source of insulin, making it suitable for diabetics. Enjoy it hot off the pan with your favorite accompaniment for a satisfying treat.

5. Meat Pie

No list of Nigerian snacks would be complete without mentioning meat pie. Whether enjoyed as a quick bite on the go or as part of a meal, meat pie is a favorite among many. Packed with savory meat filling and encased in flaky pastry, it’s a true delight for the taste buds. Rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, meat pie is a wholesome snack option that keeps you satisfied for hours.


Nigerian snacks offer a diverse range of flavors and textures that cater to every palate. From the savory goodness of Gala Sausage Roll to the comforting warmth of akara, there’s a snack for every mood and occasion. Whether you’re looking for a quick energy boost or a wholesome treat, these snacks have you covered. So the next time hunger strikes between meals, reach for a delicious Nigerian snack and indulge in a taste of Nigeria’s culinary heritage.


  1. What are the most popular snacks in Nigeria?

    • Some of the most popular snacks in Nigeria include Gala Sausage Roll, moi-moi, plantain chips, akara, and meat pie.
  2. How much do these snacks cost?

    • Prices may vary depending on factors such as location and vendor, but generally, Gala Sausage Roll starts from N100 per roll, moi-moi from N200, plantain chips from N100, akara from N20 per cake, and meat pie from N400
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