Best Social Work Courses in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

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Social work aims to make communities better and improve individuals’ lives. It combines community and human development with human interaction, social policy, and administration. In social work courses, you’ll learn about ethics, human behavior, communication, and more.

Best Social Work Courses in Nigeria & Prices

Here are some top social work courses in Nigeria:

  1. Social Worker 101 – Basic Training for Helping Professionals

    • Cost: N8,500
    • Duration: 47 minutes
    • Mode: Online
    • Who Should Take It: Anyone interested in social work or becoming a helping professional.
    • Course Content: Covers basics like bias, confidentiality, and cultural competence.
  2. Safeguarding Children Level One

    • Cost: N5,500
    • Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
    • Mode: Online
    • Who Should Take It: Various professionals like healthcare staff, teachers, and police officers.
    • Course Content: Covers child protection, recognizing abuse signs, and responding to disclosures.
  3. Social Work 202 – The Foundations of Social Work

    • Cost: N7,500
    • Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
    • Mode: Online
    • Who Should Take It: Those starting or already in a social work career.
    • Course Content: Includes social work types, organizational roles, and maintaining boundaries.


These courses offer valuable insights into social work, covering essential topics like ethics, child protection, and foundational principles. Whether you’re starting a career or seeking professional development, these courses can provide valuable knowledge and skills.


  1. Can I take these courses if I’m not in Nigeria?

    • Yes, these courses are available online and can be accessed from anywhere.
  2. Do I need any qualifications to enroll?

    • Most courses don’t require specific qualifications, but it’s recommended to have a basic understanding of the field.
  3. Are these courses recognized internationally?

    • Yes, upon completion, you’ll receive certificates that are accepted globally.
  4. Can these courses help me secure a job abroad?

    • While these courses provide valuable skills, job opportunities abroad may depend on various factors such as visa regulations and job market demand
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