Block Moulding Machine Price in Nigeria (2024)

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In Nigeria, where the building and construction industry is booming, block moulding machines play a crucial role. Whether you’re aiming for commercial ventures or personal projects, knowing the prices of these machines is essential for effective planning. Here’s a breakdown of the options available and their price ranges, simplified for easy understanding:

1. Fully Automated Block and Brick Making Machine

  • Price Range: N14 million – N16 million
  • Details: This machine is top-of-the-line, offering the ability to mix different block types simultaneously, strong conveyor belts, and a powerful mixer. It also comes with a 12-month warranty.

2. Locally Fabricated Block Making Machine

  • Price Range: N250,000 – N450,000
  • Details: This manual machine is sturdy and durable, capable of molding two blocks at once. It’s a budget-friendly option that includes delivery and installation costs.

3. Electric Concrete Block Making Machine

  • Price Range: N350,000 – N550,000
  • Details: Suitable for both commercial and personal use, this machine is designed to produce 6-inch and 9-inch blocks. It offers high vibration levels for quality block production and can be powered by electricity or a generator.

4. Nigerian-Fabricated Egg Laying Block Making Machine

  • Price Range: N600,000 – N800,000
  • Details: With a focus on efficiency, this machine produces a large number of blocks per day without the need for a pallet. It’s highly portable and consumes less power.

5. Multi-Functional Concrete Block Making Machine

  • Price Range: N650,000 – N900,000
  • Details: This versatile machine can be operated with or without a pallet, offering ease of use and low maintenance costs. It’s suitable for various block sizes and can be powered by a generator.

6. Hydraulic Electric Block Making Machine

  • Price Range: N5 million – N6 million
  • Details: Featuring automated operation, this machine produces high-quality blocks with minimal maintenance. It’s efficient, easy to operate, and capable of producing multiple blocks simultaneously.

7. Mobile Concrete Block Moulding Machine

  • Price Range: N1.7 million – N2.5 million
  • Details: This machine is perfect for on-the-go block production, powered by a diesel engine. It offers high vibration levels and can produce different block sizes simultaneously.

8. Complete Line Concrete Block Molding Machine (FT4-5 model)

  • Price Range: N2.5 million – N3.5 million
  • Details: With a focus on efficiency, this machine can produce various block sizes at a rapid pace. It requires minimal manpower for operation and comes with delivery and installation included in the cost.


Investing in a block moulding machine in Nigeria requires careful consideration of your production needs and budget. Whether you opt for a fully automated machine or a more budget-friendly option, each machine offers unique features to meet different requirements. By understanding the available options and their prices, you can make an informed decision to support your construction endeavors.


  1. How do I determine the right block moulding machine for my needs?

    • Consider factors such as your daily block production requirements, budget, available space, and power source preferences.
  2. Are these machines easy to operate?

    • Yes, most of these machines are designed for user-friendly operation, with some offering automated features for added convenience.
  3. Do the prices include delivery and installation?

    • Some machines include delivery and installation in their costs, while others may require additional fees. Be sure to clarify this with the seller before making a purchase
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