Cost of Building a Duplex in Nigeria in (2024)

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Building a duplex home in Nigeria can be quite a task. Not only does it demand careful planning and groundwork, but it’s also known to be more expensive compared to other types of homes. As more people are opting for duplexes in Nigeria today, understanding the basics and costs involved is crucial. Let’s delve into the estimated expenses and factors to consider for building a duplex.

Cost Breakdown:

  • 3-Bedroom Duplex:
    • Substructures: N2,700,000 – N5,200,000
    • Frames: N1,500,000 – N2,800,000
    • Upper floor: N1,600,000 – N3,170,000
    • Internal and external walls: N2,300,000 – N4,250,000
    • Roofing: N1,750,000 to N3,750,000
    • Staircase: N350,000 – N480,000
    • Doors: N1,650,000 – N2,970,000
    • Windows: N2,100,000 – N3,950,000
    • Wall finishes: N2,150,000 – N4,250,000
    • Floor finishes: N1,750,000 – N3,400,000
    • Ceiling finishes: N480,000 – N950,000
    • Plumbing installations: N1,450,000 – N2,750,000
    • Electrical installations: N1,700,000 – N3,050,000
    • Fittings & fixtures: N1,020,000 – N1,530,000
    • Total: N22,500,000 – N42,500,000
  • 4-Bedroom Duplex:
    • (Details similar to 3-bedroom, but with adjusted costs)
  • 5-Bedroom Duplex:
    • (Details similar to 3-bedroom, but with adjusted costs)

Duplex House Definition:

In Nigeria, a duplex typically refers to a residential building with two floors, unlike the duplex apartments in Western countries which may house two separate families.

Pros and Cons:


  • More interior space
  • Larger compound
  • Symbolizes class
  • Offers good view
  • Enhanced security


  • More expensive
  • Inconvenience of stairs


Building a duplex in Nigeria offers numerous advantages such as ample space, class, and enhanced security. However, it comes with a higher price tag and the inconvenience of navigating between floors. Understanding the costs and considerations involved is essential for anyone planning to embark on such a project.


  1. Is building a duplex cheaper than a bungalow?
    • No, building a duplex is generally more expensive due to additional structural elements.
  2. What factors can affect the cost of building a duplex?
    • Factors such as location, quality of materials, and size of the duplex can influence the overall cost.
  3. Are duplexes in Nigeria typically inhabited by single families?
    • Yes, unlike Western duplexes, Nigerian duplexes are usually occupied by a single family.
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