Cost of Building an App in Nigeria (2024)

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Building an app can be expensive, but the cost varies depending on several factors. In Nigeria, the price can range from ₦40,000 for a basic app by a new developer to ₦300,000 or even over ₦500,000 for a more complex one by a professional agency.

Factors That Affect the Cost:

  1. Type of Application: The kind of app you want greatly influences the cost. Whether it’s for gaming, business, e-commerce, or social purposes, each type has different complexities and thus costs.
  2. Platforms: Developing for different platforms like iOS or Android can affect the price. iOS development might cost more due to its specific requirements.
  3. Features and Users: Integrating features like user logins, security systems, or ERP integration can increase costs depending on complexity and user base.

Who Can Develop Your App Idea?

You have two options: hiring an app development company or a freelance developer.

Benefits of Hiring an Agency:

  • All services under one roof, including design, development, and testing.
  • Assurance of quality and support for revisions.


  • Agencies tend to be more expensive than freelancers.

Benefits of Hiring Freelancers:

  • Generally more affordable.
  • Some freelancers can deliver high-quality work on time.


  • Finding a reliable freelancer can be challenging.
  • You may need to hire separate developers for different tasks.


The cost of building an app in Nigeria depends on various factors like type, platform, and features. Both app agencies and freelance developers have their pros and cons, so choose based on your budget and project needs.


  1. How much does it cost to build a basic mobile app in Nigeria?

    • Prices start from ₦40,000 for a simple app developed by a new or freelance developer.
  2. What factors affect app development costs?

    • Type of app, platforms, features like user logins or security, and the size of the user base all influence costs.
  3. Which is better, hiring an agency or a freelancer?

    • It depends on your budget and project requirements. Agencies offer comprehensive services but are more expensive, while freelancers are more affordable but may require more effort to find a reliable one.
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