Cost of MTA Certification in Nigeria (2024)

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Are you thinking about boosting your career in Information Technology (IT)? Well, getting a Microsoft certification could be your ticket to success! Among the most popular certifications is the Microsoft Technical Associate (MTA), which validates your fundamental IT skills and knowledge. But how much does it cost to get MTA certified in Nigeria? Let’s dive in and find out!

Cost of MTA Certification in Nigeria

MTA certifications cover various essential technology concepts and come in different categories, such as Developer, Database, and IT Professional. The cost varies depending on the specific exam you need to take for certification.

Generally, MTA exams range from $62 to $165 per examination. This translates to approximately N49,600 to N132,000 in Nigerian currency (considering an exchange rate of N800 per dollar). Remember, some certifications may require one or two exams, so costs can vary accordingly.

What You Should Know About MTA Certification

MTA certification is perfect for those starting or aiming to advance their IT careers. It covers core technology concepts in three main areas: IT Infrastructure, Developer, and Database. Here’s a breakdown:

  • IT Infrastructure: For those interested in desktop or server infrastructure, or private cloud computing. Exams cover topics like Windows Operating System Fundamentals, Networking Fundamentals, and Security Fundamentals.
  • Database: Ideal for those pursuing careers in data platform management or business intelligence. Candidates can earn certifications like Database Fundamentals.
  • Developer: Tailored for aspiring software developers. Certifications include Software Development Fundamentals and Web Development Fundamentals, among others.


MTA certifications are valuable assets in the IT industry, providing a solid foundation for career growth. Whether you’re interested in IT infrastructure, database management, or software development, MTA has something for you. Invest in your future today with MTA certification!


1.How do I prepare for MTA exams?

Consider self-study with basic materials or enroll in training programs offered by various institutes. These programs often include mock exams to help you prepare effectively.

2.Are MTA exams easy?

MTA exams can be challenging, but with proper preparation and dedication, you can succeed. Training programs and practice tests can significantly improve your chances of passing.

3.What career opportunities can MTA certification unlock?

MTA certification opens doors to various IT roles, including IT support specialist, database administrator, software developer, and network technician, among others. It’s a valuable addition to your resume in today’s competitive job market.

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