Cost of SAP Training in Nigeria (2024)

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In Nigeria’s competitive job market, having knowledge of SAP, a widely used Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool, can significantly enhance your employability. SAP not only organizes company transactions but also manages resources and business processes efficiently. This post delves into the various SAP training options available in Nigeria, including their costs and courses offered.

SAP Training Costs in Nigeria:

Determining the exact cost of SAP training can be challenging due to various factors such as training programs, methods, and duration. However, here are some estimated costs from popular training institutions:

  1. Uranium Technologies: Offers classroom courses with prices ranging from approximately N70,000 depending on the number of courses and duration.
  2. Udemy (Online): Provides SAP courses starting from $9.9 per course to $200 for combined courses at different skill levels.
  3. Delphi (Online): Offers courses starting from N150,000 depending on the package chosen.
  4. New Horizon: Pricing details not available, but they offer SAP Learning Hub with access to latest learning materials.
  5. The Knowledge Academy: Courses start from $333, depending on package, duration, and course selection.
  6. Com2Learn: Prices range from $99 for individual courses to $999 for full access to all courses annually.

What You Should Know About SAP:

SAP, a German software company, is renowned for its ERP software used by businesses worldwide. It enables organizations to manage various business operations efficiently. SAP integrates different applications and offers industry-specific add-on solutions, making it one of the most widely used ERP systems globally.


Investing in SAP training in Nigeria can significantly boost your career prospects in today’s competitive job market. With various training options available both online and offline, individuals can choose the most suitable program based on their preferences and budget.


1.Is SAP training necessary for career advancement?

Yes, SAP training enhances job opportunities and adds value to individuals in the competitive job market.

2.What are the popular SAP courses offered in Nigeria?

Popular SAP courses include SAP ABAP, Financial Accounting (FI), Human Capital Management (HCM), and Sales and Distribution (SD).

3.Can I learn SAP online?

Yes, there are several online platforms offering SAP training courses, providing flexibility and accessibility to learners.

4.How do I choose the right SAP training program?

Consider factors such as course content, duration, certification, and cost to select the SAP training program that aligns with your career goals and budget

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