Daylong Motorcycle Prices in Nigeria (March 2024)

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Nigeria, with its large population and inadequate public transportation, heavily relies on motorcycles for commuting and small-scale deliveries. Among the various brands available, Daylong motorcycles have gained popularity in the Nigerian market alongside names like Honda and Yamaha.

Daylong Motorcycle Prices in Nigeria:

  1. Daylong DL200-30: Brand new, starting from N600,000.
  2. Daylong DL110-75: Fairly used, starting from N100,000.
  3. Daylong DL125-6: Fairly used, starting from N270,000.
  4. Daylong DL200-30: Fairly used, starting from N450,000.
  5. Daylong DL 110-75: Fairly used tricycle, starting from N850,000.
  6. Daylong RKV 200: Brand new, starting from N585,000.
  7. Daylong DL-125 CT: Brand new, starting from N500,000.
  8. Daylong 200-30: Brand new scooter, starting from N560,000.
  9. Daylong DGL-125-K: Brand new cruiser, starting from N485,000.
  10. And more…

Useful Tips for Buying Daylong Motorcycles in Nigeria:

  • Compare Prices: Dealers often inflate prices, so negotiate and compare before making a purchase.
  • Have a Mechanic: Take a trusted mechanic when buying used motorcycles to check for faults.
  • Ask for a Guarantee: Request a warranty for peace of mind regarding your investment.


These are the updated prices of Daylong motorcycles in Nigeria. While variations may exist among dealers, this guide aims to provide a general overview to help buyers make informed decisions. Remember to compare prices, bring a mechanic for inspections, and secure a warranty for your purchase.


  1. Are Daylong motorcycles reliable?
    • Daylong motorcycles are known for their reliability and durability, making them a popular choice among Nigerian riders.
  2. Can I negotiate the price of a Daylong motorcycle?
    • it’s advisable to negotiate the price with dealers to get the best deal possible.
  3. What should I do if I encounter issues with my Daylong motorcycle after purchase?
    • Contact the dealer and utilize the warranty if applicable. If bought used, consult with a mechanic for repairs.
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