Diesel Generator Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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Are you tired of frequent power outages disrupting your daily life in Nigeria? If so, investing in a diesel generator might just be the solution you need. Diesel generators offer a dependable backup power source, especially in areas where the grid supply is unreliable. Let’s delve into why diesel generators are gaining popularity and explore some essential factors to consider before making a purchase.

Why Choose a Diesel Generator

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Diesel generators are known for their low long-term costs. They consume less fuel and require minimal maintenance, making them a preferred choice for many users, especially in commercial settings.
  2. High Resale Value: Whether new or used, diesel generators retain high value over time. They are easy to find on sale, offering a good return on investment.
  3. Stability and Performance: Diesel generators outperform petrol counterparts in stability and performance. They are built to withstand harsh conditions and can operate continuously for extended periods with high fault tolerance.
  4. Support Availability: When maintenance or repairs are needed, diesel generators offer easy access to local technicians and spare parts, ensuring minimal downtime, especially crucial for commercial users.
  5. Wide Application: Diesel generators find applications across various industries due to their reliability, low maintenance, and ability to run for extended periods. They are commonly used in mining, telecommunications, healthcare facilities, and commercial buildings.

Prices of Diesel Generators in Nigeria

Here’s a glimpse of diesel generator prices in Nigeria for different capacities and brands:

  • Kipor – Diesel Generator – KDE7000T (5.0KVA): ₦550,000 – ₦600,000
  • Firman – Diesel Generator – SDG15FS (15KVA): ₦2,650,000 – ₦4,300,000
  • Elemax – Diesel Generator – SHT25D – 3 PHASE (20KVA): ₦3,500,000 – ₦4,000,000
  • Lutian – Super Silent Diesel Generator – 5GF-LDEX (6KVA): ₦650,000 – ₦700,000
  • Elemax Diesel Generator Shx8000di (7.5KVA): ₦2,460,000 – ₦2,800,000
  • Kipor – Diesel Generator – KDE23S3 – 3 PHASE (19.5KVA): ₦5,480,500 – ₦5,600,000
  • Firman – Diesel Soundproof Generator – SDG 7000SE (5KVA): ₦680,000 – ₦720,000

What You Should Know About Diesel Generators

  • Types: Diesel generators come in portable and industrial variants, suitable for different applications.
  • Usage: Determine the required wattage based on your needs before purchasing.
  • Costing: Consider fuel consumption and operating costs to assess long-term expenses.
  • Reliability: Look for generators with features like reliability, support, efficiency, and durability.
  • Environment: Understand the operating environment to choose the right features for optimal performance.

Things You’ll Like about Diesel Generators

  • Cost Savings: Diesel generators offer significant operating cost savings.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance costs are lower compared to petrol generators.
  • Power Output: Diesel generators provide adequate power supply for various needs.
  • Stability: They ensure a steady flow of electricity without fluctuations.

Things You Might Not Like about Diesel Generators

  • Emissions: Diesel generators emit harmful smoke, especially in manufacturing settings.
  • Noise: They tend to be louder than petrol generators.
  • Starting Difficulty: Starting a diesel engine can be challenging, especially in cold weather.
  • Initial Cost: The initial setup cost may be higher compared to other types of generators.


Investing in a diesel generator can provide a reliable backup power source for your home or business in Nigeria. With their cost-effectiveness, stability, and wide application, diesel generators offer a practical solution to frequent power outages. Consider your specific needs, budget, and environmental factors before purchasing to ensure you choose the right generator for your requirements.


Q: Are diesel generators suitable for residential use? A: Yes, diesel generators are commonly used in residential settings, especially for backup power during outages.

Q: How do diesel generators compare to petrol generators in terms of maintenance? A: Diesel generators generally have lower maintenance costs compared to petrol generators, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Q: Can diesel generators be used for industrial applications? A: Yes, diesel generators are widely used in industrial settings due to their reliability and ability to handle heavy loads.

Q: What should I consider when choosing a diesel generator? A: Factors to consider include power requirements, fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, and environmental considerations. Choose a generator that meets your specific needs and offers reliable performance.

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