Firman 7.5 KVA Generator Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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Nigeria’s electricity issues are no secret, pushing many to seek alternative power solutions. Enter Firman generators, a popular choice across the nation. But with various models and prices, how do you choose? We’ve got you covered with a breakdown of everything you need to know about Firman 7.5 KVA generators.

Understanding Prices:

Shopping for a generator can be overwhelming, especially with fluctuating prices. Here’s a quick rundown of some Firman 7.5 KVA generators and their estimated prices:

  • Sumec Firman 7.5KVA Key Generator ECO10990ES: From N398,000
  • Sumec Firman Generator – Eco-7990es Copper Coil – 7.5KVA: From N520,000
  • Firman 7.5KVA Generator, Key Start, 100% Copper, Semi-Silent: From N582,000

About Firman Generators:

Firman Generators, a division of the Chinese company Sumec Machinery, has gained popularity in Nigeria since its introduction in 2001. Known for affordability and reliability, Firman offers generators ranging from 0.9 to 9 KVA.

Specifications Simplified:

Understanding generator specs can be daunting, but it’s crucial for making the right choice. Let’s break down the specs of two popular Firman 7.5 KVA generators:

  1. Sumec Firman Diesel Generator SDG12000se 7.5 KVA:
    • Power: 7500 Watts (Running), 8500 Watts (Starting)
    • Fuel Type: Diesel
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 15L
    • Engine Type: 4-stroke single cylinder, air-cooled
    • Weight: 165 KG
  2. Sumec Firman 7.5 KVA Generator ECO10990ESR With Remote Control:
    • Power: 7000 Watts (Running), 7600 Watts (Starting)
    • Fuel Type: Petrol
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 26L
    • Engine Type: 4-stroke single cylinder, air-cooled
    • Weight: 106 KG


Firman generators offer a reliable solution to Nigeria’s electricity woes, with various models to suit different needs and budgets. Whether you opt for diesel or petrol, understanding specifications is key to making an informed decision.


Q: Are Firman generators suitable for both residential and commercial use? A: Yes, Firman generators cater to both residential homes and commercial establishments with varying power needs.

Q: Do Firman generators require frequent maintenance? A: While maintenance is essential for any generator, Firman generators are designed to be durable and require minimal upkeep.

Q: How often do generator prices fluctuate? A: Generator prices can fluctuate due to factors like government policies, exchange rates, and market demand, so it’s essential to stay updated before making a purchase.

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