Fish Drying Machine Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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Preserving fish has been a practice for centuries, with smoking and drying being two of the most vital methods. These techniques not only extend the shelf-life of fish but also offer diverse culinary experiences. However, traditional drying and smoking methods can be slow and inefficient. Thankfully, modern technology has introduced fish drying machines, revolutionizing the process.

In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about fish drying machines, including prices, methods, and essential factors to consider when choosing one.

Fish Drying Machine Prices in Nigeria:

Fish drying machines come in various types and sizes, each with its own price range. Here’s a breakdown of the prices of different fish drying machines in Nigeria:

  1. Multi-purpose Smoke kiln fish dryer: N55,000 – N65,000
  2. 3-Deck Fish Drying Industrial Oven: N1 million – N1.1 million
  3. 30-inch Coal and Gas locally fabricated oven: N60,000 – N70,000
  4. 150kg capacity locally fabricated Coal and Gas fish drying machine: N250,000 – N300,000
  5. 3 feet Industrial Fish Drying Oven: N850,000 – N1 million
  6. Fish Smoking kiln Dryer: N230,000 – N290,000
  7. Fish drying oven 200 capacity stainless steel materials: N460,000 – N500,000
  8. Fish Kiln and Dehydrator: N270,000 – N310,000
  9. 500kg Stainless Steel Fish Smoking and Drying Kiln: N880,000 – N950,000
  10. Four layers fish dryer oven: N40,000 – N65,000
  11. 200 capacity Fish Drying Oven: N130,000 – N180,000
  12. 2-deck 4-tray Fish drying gas oven: N520,000 – N600,000

Note: Prices may vary depending on location, vendor, and market conditions.

What is Fish Drying?

Fish drying is the process of removing moisture from fish to prolong its shelf-life. Traditionally, this was done through evaporation, using methods like sun drying or smoking over a fire. However, modern techniques include pressure application, salt curing, controlled artificial dehydration, and the use of fish drying machines.

Why Dry Fish?

Removing water from fish is essential for preservation as it inhibits the growth of organisms that can spoil the fish. By drying fish, its shelf-life is extended, making it suitable for storage and transportation.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fish Drying Machine:

  1. Locally fabricated or imported: Decide whether you prefer a locally fabricated or imported machine, considering cost and efficiency.
  2. Features: Choose a machine with features that align with your processing needs, whether solely for fish drying or for other food processing purposes.
  3. Materials used: Opt for machines made from durable materials like stainless steel for longevity and attractiveness.
  4. Capacity: Select a machine with the appropriate capacity based on your business size and processing requirements.
  5. Cost: Consider your budget and explore different options in the market before making a purchase.


Fish drying machines offer efficient and effective means of preserving fish, enhancing their shelf-life and culinary possibilities. With a wide range of options available in the market, it’s essential to consider factors like price, features, materials, capacity, and origin when selecting the right machine for your business needs.


Q: Can fish drying machines be used for other types of food processing? A: Yes, some fish drying machines are versatile and can be used for various food processing purposes besides fish drying.

Q: What is the advantage of using stainless steel materials in fish drying machines? A: Stainless steel materials offer durability, resistance to corrosion, and an attractive appearance, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of the machine.

Q: Are imported fish drying machines always better than locally fabricated ones? A: Not necessarily. While imported machines may come with advanced features, locally fabricated machines can be cost-effective and efficient depending on your specific requirements and budget.

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