HP Spectre X360 Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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In the bustling landscape of the computer industry, one name continues to resonate with power and innovation – HP. Their prowess is exemplified through products like the HP Spectre X360, a marvel that has taken Nigeria by storm. But what exactly makes this laptop a standout? Let’s dive into its world of specs, reviews, and affordability in the Nigerian market.

Price Tag in Nigeria

The HP Spectre X360 comes in various configurations, each tailored to different user needs. Prices start from around N723,000, depending on the model and specifications. These prices fluctuate based on factors like currency exchange rates and the time and place of purchase.

Core Specifications

  • CPU: The base model sports an Intel Core i7-8565U processor, ensuring seamless performance.
  • Screen: A 13.3-inch touchscreen display with pen support dazzles with its clarity and responsiveness.
  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620 delivers crisp visuals for both work and play.
  • Memory: With 8GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB SSD storage, multitasking becomes a breeze.
  • Connectivity: Intel Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 keep you connected wherever you go.
  • Design: The sleek body design coupled with Corning Gorilla Glass NBT protection adds a touch of elegance and durability.

Review Highlights

  • Enhanced Display: The latest model boasts a brighter and more vibrant screen, enhancing the viewing experience.
  • Powerful Processor: Equipped with an Intel Core i7 CPU, expect nothing short of blazing-fast performance.
  • Impressive Battery Life: With over 16 hours of video playback, the Spectre X360 outshines its predecessors in endurance.
  • Durability: Built to last, HP laptops are renowned for their reliability and longevity.

What Users Love

  • Top-Notch Battery Life: The Spectre X360’s exceptional battery life ensures uninterrupted productivity on the go.
  • Durability: HP’s reputation for durability shines through, making the Spectre X360 a long-term investment.
  • USB Type-A Port: Embracing modern connectivity, the inclusion of a Type-A port ensures compatibility with a range of devices.
  • Device Compatibility: Seamlessly connect with other devices via Bluetooth and USB cables for enhanced versatility.

What Users May Dislike

  • Price: While the Spectre X360 offers unparalleled value, its premium price tag may deter budget-conscious buyers.
  • Trackpad Placement: Some users find the wide trackpad placement uncomfortable, detracting from the overall user experience.


The HP Spectre X360 stands tall as a symbol of innovation and excellence in the laptop market. With its cutting-edge features, durability, and seamless connectivity, it’s a worthy investment for those seeking top-tier performance. While it may come at a premium, the Spectre X360 delivers where it matters most – in quality and reliability.


Q: Is the HP Spectre X360 worth the investment? A: Absolutely! With its powerful performance, impressive battery life, and sleek design, the Spectre X360 offers unparalleled value for discerning users.

Q: Can the Spectre X360 connect with other devices easily? A: Yes, the Spectre X360 boasts seamless connectivity options, including Bluetooth and USB, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices for enhanced versatility.

Q: What sets the Spectre X360 apart from other laptops? A: Its combination of cutting-edge features, exceptional battery life, and durability makes the Spectre X360 a standout choice in the crowded laptop market.

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