ITIL Training Costs in Nigeria & Details (2024)

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Are you considering advancing your career in Information Technology? The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certification might be the right path for you. ITIL offers a series of best practices aimed at enhancing Information Technology Service Management processes.

In Nigeria, acquiring this certification not only enriches your understanding of IT management but also boosts your competitiveness in the job market. In this guide, we delve into the costs associated with ITIL training across various cities in Nigeria.

ITIL Training Costs in Different Nigerian Cities:

  1. Lagos:

    • As Nigeria’s business hub, Lagos hosts numerous ITIL training agencies.
    • Training costs in Lagos range from N260,000 for self-paced eLearning to N599,000 for online or classroom training.
    • Prices vary based on training mode and agency reputation.
  2. Abuja:

    • Abuja, like Lagos, boasts internationally recognized ITIL training centers.
    • Training costs start from N556,000 and may vary depending on the agency’s caliber and training duration.
    • Factors such as scope of coverage and training mode influence pricing.
  3. Port-Harcourt:

    • Although not as extensive as Lagos and Abuja, Port-Harcourt offers ITIL training at a lower cost.
    • Prices can start from N59,000, depending on the agency’s reputation and training duration.
    • Agencies in Port-Harcourt often provide materials for exam preparation and offer both physical and virtual training options.
  4. Other Cities:

    • Cities like Ibadan, Benin City, Enugu, and Kaduna also feature ITIL training agencies.
    • Training costs vary but can start from N50,000.
    • Affiliation with international firms may influence pricing.


Investing in ITIL certification training in Nigeria is a strategic move for individuals seeking career advancement in Information Technology. While costs differ across cities and training agencies, the benefits of acquiring ITIL certification, including improved IT service management skills and enhanced employability, outweigh the investment.


  1. What is the average duration of ITIL training?

    • Training duration varies, but courses typically range from a few days to one week.
  2. Are there any additional materials provided during ITIL training?

    • Yes, many training agencies offer materials such as eBooks, videos, and mock examinations to aid in exam preparation.
  3. Can I find ITIL training agencies in smaller Nigerian cities?

    • Yes, although Lagos, Abuja, and Port-Harcourt have more prominent agencies, smaller cities like Ibadan and Enugu also offer ITIL training services.
  4. How often are the prices for ITIL training updated?

    • Prices may vary over time due to factors like inflation and changes in training agency policies. It’s advisable to check with specific agencies for the most current pricing information
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