Journalism Courses in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

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Journalism is a profession highly sought-after for its role in informing the public about current events. With advancements in technology, journalism has become even more accessible, making it a popular career choice. Enrolling in journalism courses can not only prepare you for a career in journalism but also equip you with skills transferable to other fields. In Nigeria, various journalism courses are available, catering to different interests and skill levels. This post introduces some prominent journalism courses in Nigeria, detailing their prices, duration, and course content.

Journalism Courses in Nigeria & Prices:

  1. Journalism Skills for Beginners

    • Training cost: N4,500
    • Course duration: 4 hours
    • Course mode: Online
    • Course Content:
      • Introduction
      • Journalism Skills Overview
      • Journalism 101
      • Practical Stuff
      • Getting Out Into The Field
      • The Art of Interviewing
  2. Online Journalism: How To Write Great Copy For Online Media

    • Training cost: N5,500
    • Course duration: 2 hours
    • Course mode: Online
    • Course Content:
      • Introduction
      • Writing for the web
      • Multimedia Journalism
      • Data Presentation
      • Participatory Journalism
      • Building an Online Audience
      • Making Money with Online Journalism
  3. Investigative Journalism

    • Training cost: N11,900
    • Course duration: 1 hour 8 minutes
    • Course mode: Online
    • Course Content:
      • Finding the story
      • Towards a systematic approach
      • Researching the story


Journalism courses in Nigeria offer valuable opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing a career in journalism or enhancing their writing and research skills. With various courses available, aspiring journalists can choose based on their interests and career goals.


  1. Who should take journalism courses?

    • Beginners interested in journalism
    • Individuals seeking to become journalists or freelancers
    • Website owners aiming to improve storytelling skills
    • Journalists looking to enhance their skills or add new ones to their repertoire.
  2. Are these courses available online?

    • Yes, all the mentioned courses are available online, providing flexibility for learners to study at their own pace.
  3. Can these courses help in other career paths?

    • Yes, journalism courses not only prepare individuals for careers in journalism but also impart skills such as writing proficiency, research, and critical thinking, which are valuable in various fields such as content creation, public relations, and communications
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