Kedi Products Price List in Nigeria (2024)

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Kedi Healthcare, a renowned provider of healthcare products and equipment, originated from China and has gained popularity in Nigeria and globally. It offers a wide range of affordable products and promotes Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding Kedi Healthcare, its products, benefits, and how you can become a part of its business.

Kedi Healthcare Products and Prices:

Kedi Healthcare offers a diverse range of products aimed at improving health and wellness. Below is an updated price list of some of their products in Nigeria:

  • A01 Golden Six: From N6,100
  • A02 Magilim: From N12,600
  • A03 Re-Vive: From N18,700
  • (and more…)

About Kedi:

Established in 2005, Kedi Healthcare has expanded globally, with a focus on promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine. Their products comply with regulatory standards and have garnered numerous testimonies attesting to their effectiveness.

Benefits of Engaging in Kedi Business:

Joining Kedi Healthcare as a partner comes with a host of benefits, including:

  1. Profit from sales.
  2. Training and business support.
  3. Discounts on products.
  4. Opportunities for awards and rewards.
  5. Access to insurance and scholarships.

How to Earn From Kedi Healthcare:

There are various avenues for earning within Kedi Healthcare, including retail profit, direct bonus, indirect bonus, leadership bonus, honorary bonus, and special awards.

How to Become a Kedi Distributor:

To become a distributor with Kedi Healthcare, follow these steps:

  1. Visit a nearby Kedi office.
  2. Fill and submit an application form.
  3. Pay the membership fee of N5,500.
  4. Collect your registration kits.


Kedi Healthcare presents an opportunity for individuals to not only improve their health with quality products but also to become part of a thriving business venture. With its array of benefits and opportunities for growth, joining Kedi Healthcare can lead to financial stability and personal development.


  1. How often are Kedi product prices updated?

  • Prices are subject to change based on factors like exchange rates and government policies.
  1. Are Kedi products regulated?

  • Yes, all Kedi products comply with regulatory standards set by organizations like NAFDAC.
  1. What are the main benefits of joining Kedi Healthcare?

  • Benefits include profit from sales, discounts, training, awards, and access to insurance and scholarships.
  1. Can anyone become a Kedi distributor?

  • Yes, individuals interested in becoming distributors can apply at any Kedi office.
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