Kings Oil Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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In the world of cooking, one essential ingredient reigns supreme – vegetable oil. And when it comes to Nigeria, one brand stands tall above the rest: Kings Oil. But what makes Kings Oil so special, and how much does it cost? Let’s dive in to explore the reasons why Kings Oil is a must-have in your kitchen, along with the latest prices in Nigeria.

Why Kings Oil?

Quality Assurance:

Kings Oil, also known as Devon King’s Oil, has been a household name in Nigeria for over five decades. Its reputation for high quality and healthy production precedes it. Made from pure vegetable sources, Kings Oil ensures that you get the best in terms of both taste and nutrition.

Health Benefits:

Kings Oil isn’t just about enhancing the flavor of your dishes; it’s also packed with health benefits. Rich in essential vitamins such as A, D, E, and K, Kings Oil supports your body’s metabolic processes and helps prevent vitamin deficiencies, especially crucial for expectant mothers and newborns. Additionally, its nutrient profile can alleviate menopausal symptoms and promote heart health by reducing cholesterol intake.


Surprisingly, Kings Oil isn’t just for cooking – it can also work wonders for your skin. Its potent moisturizing properties make it an excellent remedy for cracked feet. Simply apply a little Kings Oil before bed, and wake up to softer, smoother skin.

Kings Oil Prices in Nigeria:

  • Devon Kings Cooking Oil – 1 Liter: From ₦2,620
  • Devon Kings Vegetable Cooking Oil-25 Liters X2: From ₦75,000
  • Devon Kings Pure Vegetable Oil – 5 Liters: From ₦12,000
  • Devon Kings Vegetable Cooking Oil – 10 Litre: From ₦22,000
  • Devon Kings Vegetable Cooking Oil – 25 Liters: From ₦38,000
  • (And more variations available)


Kings Oil isn’t just a cooking oil; it’s a versatile, health-enhancing ingredient that deserves a spot in every kitchen. With its unmatched quality, nutritional benefits, and affordability, Kings Oil continues to be the top choice for households across Nigeria. Whether you’re sautéing, frying, or moisturizing your skin, Kings Oil has got you covered.


Q: Is Kings Oil suitable for all cooking methods? A: Yes, Kings Oil is versatile and can be used for frying, sautéing, baking, and more.

Q: Can Kings Oil help with other skin issues besides cracked feet? A: While Kings Oil is primarily used for cooking, its moisturizing properties may benefit other dry skin conditions as well.

Q: Are there any preservatives or additives in Kings Oil? A: No, Kings Oil is made from pure vegetable sources without any added preservatives or additives, ensuring you get only the best quality oil.

Q: Where can I purchase Kings Oil? A: Kings Oil is widely available in supermarkets, grocery stores, and online platforms across Nigeria.

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