Maize Grinding Machine Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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Maize, commonly known as corn, holds a special place in Nigerian cuisine and economy. Beyond its traditional boiled or roasted forms, maize serves as a crucial ingredient in various foods across the country. However, to utilize maize as a raw material, it must first undergo grinding.

But how much does a maize grinding machine cost in Nigeria? In this post, we’ll explore the prices of maize grinding machines in Nigeria, factors to consider before purchase, and conclude with some FAQs to help you make an informed decision.

Maize Grinding Machine Prices in Nigeria:

The Nigerian market offers a variety of maize grinding machines, each differing in capacity and size. Here’s a glimpse into the prices of some popular machines:

  • GEMCO maize flour milling machine: N205,000 – N300,000
  • ABC Machinery Effective diesel engine corn mill machine: N400,00 – N450,000
  • Honlu rice and corn electric milling machine: N144,000 – N260,000
  • Yuning Production Line home use Peanut Butter Spice corn mill machine: N25,000 – N48,000
  • RB black soya bean milling machine Home use corn crushing machine: N403,000 – N500,000
  • TZ corn grinding machine milling grinder corn flour mill machinery: N535,000 – N1.4 million
  • Horus corn and wheat milling machine: N148,000 – N170,000
  • Manxon Corn Grinder and Wheat Grinding Machine: N167,000 – N420,000
  • Yize Home use corn crushing machine: N156,000 – N180,000
  • Megaplant corn grits grinder flour mill machine: N500,000 – N700,000
  • Gegloog 5 Ton Per Day Automatic Wheat Grinding Equipment Corn Mill Machinery: N600,000 – N1.1 million
  • Saint Donkey Hot sale home use corn mill machine: N20,000 – N46,000
  • 250-600kg/h Corn grits making machine/grain corn crusher/maize grinding mill: N209,000 – N310,000

Factors to Consider Before Purchase:

Choosing the right maize grinding machine requires careful consideration of several factors:

  1. Purpose of the Machine: Determine whether the machine is for home use, small business, or factory production.
  2. Production Capacity: Match the machine’s capacity with your demand, considering both current and future needs.
  3. Floor Area: Balance production capacity with the space available to ensure efficiency.
  4. Human Cost: Opt for machines that require minimal supervision to reduce labor costs.
  5. Extra Features and Versatility: Look for machines with additional functionalities to diversify production.
  6. Cost: Set a budget and compare prices in the market to find the best value for your investment.


Investing in a maize grinding machine in Nigeria involves careful consideration of various factors such as purpose, capacity, space, labor cost, features, and budget. By understanding your needs and assessing available options, you can make a wise investment that boosts your production efficiency and business profitability.


  1. How much does a maize grinding machine cost in Nigeria? Prices vary depending on the brand, capacity, and features, ranging from N20,000 to over N1 million.
  2. What factors should I consider before purchasing a maize grinding machine? Key factors include the machine’s purpose, production capacity, floor area, human cost, extra features, and cost.
  3. Can a maize grinding machine process other grains? Some machines offer versatility and can grind other grains besides maize, enhancing production flexibility.
  4. Where can I buy maize grinding machines in Nigeria? You can purchase maize grinding machines from various vendors, both online and offline. It’s advisable to compare prices and features before making a purchase
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